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tiny bumps on roof of mouth

Asked by jlynne78 (Female; 31; UNITED STATES ) on Thu 22, Jul 2010 05:37am
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about 3 years ago i noticed that the roof of my mouth towards the back is covered in very tiny flesh colored bumps. they do not hurt or change in appearance, and i usually have to hold a bright light at a certain angle to see them. I don't know if they are normal and have always been there and i just never noticed them. Just wondering what they are and if i should be concerned?

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Answer by Dr J Singh  on Thu 22, Jul 2010 06:13am:

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Comment by Dr.Kokil Mathur on Thu 22, Jul 2010 06:24am:

Comment by on Sun 25, Jul 2010 06:17am:
Hi, These pinpoint bumps on the roof of mouth or hard palate could be due to smoker's palate or nicotine stomatitis. A condition where mionr salivary glands on the palate become inflammed and the orifice of these small glands become visible as red dots this occurs due to irritation by heat from smoking. These appear as very minute elevation as you .. an angle towards light and can not be wiped out. If you are not a smoker then it could be simple stomatitis due to multivitamin deficiencies. Check out with an oral medicine specialist or a dentist.

Comment by ladarris johnson on Tue 06, Dec 2011 04:15pm:
So what was it?

Comment by Zoila on Wed 27, Feb 2013 10:26am:
Hi my name is Zoila and I am having the same problem and this is helping me more because the doctor trying to figure out what is going on with me. sure I ask for alergy food test also?

Comment by emilie on Sat 19, Oct 2013 08:49pm:
hi, i had this to... just after drinking coffe that was supposed to be decaf, but was not... I had some issue with cafeine (shaking, hot flashes and havin to pee every minute!) It may be that!! its been there for 3 days now.(i have 2) how long is it suppose to take for it to get away...??? Emilie

Comment by on Sat 28, Dec 2013 10:28am:
I have the same kind of bumps but mine showed up after having tonsillitis for the 4th time. They never went away.

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