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Belly Button pain with fowl smell and started bleeding.

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 51; USA; overweight, asthmatic, fibermialgia, severe allergies, urge incontinence; Relevant drugs:Singular, Allegra-D, Renitidine, Oxybuten, Zoloft, albuterol, Advair, Astelin ) on Sat 16, Aug 2008 09:57pm

I sometimes get a liquid and fowl smell from my belly button. I usually will take a Q-tip with peroxide and clean it out and its okay. Last night it started bleeding. I went through 4 kleenex and quite a few cotton balls. I finally had to bandage it. I'm still getting a little bit of bloody discharge but my stomach hurts and it feels like something is poking me. What could this be? I have an appt. with my doctor on the 26th should I try and go sooner?

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Answer by Dr Smitha M, MD  on Sun 17, Aug 2008 12:28am:

Hi, There are several conditions that can cause the symptoms you have described. Any such occurrence with regard to the umbilicus requires urgent medical attention given the potential to develop serious infections originating from a defect of the umbilical wall. This can be cellulitis or necrotizing fascitis and both have potentially serious and life-threatening effects. Disorders of the umbilicus involve fistulae, urachal sinus, urachal cyst, umbilical granuloma, umbilical infections, umbilical hernia, etc. You will need to seek medical attention at the earliest to identify the exact cause and extent of the problem and to have it receive adequate treatment at the earliest. It is definitely not a good idea to wait till the 26th. Call your doctor and fix an appointment to meet within a day or go to the ER. Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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Comment by tiffant on Wed 27, Oct 2010 07:52pm:
my belly button is sore and has a bad smell and brown dischrge and is red in side i am also having pain all around it but more pain around the left side what should i do

Comment by Tonia on Sat 01, Jan 2011 06:47am:
Hello, I feel like I have a similar problem. My belly button has had this small purple "ball" like thing in it and a couple of months ago it began to bleed. It still continues to bleed on and off randomly. I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon. (who the hell knows why my doctor is sending me there.) I've had two ultrasounds on it. And I have no answers...I considered myself to be a fairly healthy 24 year old. (with the exception of low iron occasionally) And the only medication I am on right now is birth control. I am really starting to get worried about this because it is beginning to affect other areas of my life...HELP!

Comment by on Thu 14, Apr 2011 07:32pm:
Bleeding and smell from belly button can be due to bacterial or fungal infection of the navel. Get a culture sensitivity test and a KOH examination of the discharge done.

Comment by Tonia on Thu 14, Apr 2011 08:42pm:
Hi, I actually went in for surgery and got the "purple ball" removed and sent for a came back as endometriosis...wierd yes? Anyways I now have an appt to get an MRI done in July to see how bad it is and how much more surgery I will need. Thanks for the advice though!

Comment by on Thu 14, Apr 2011 10:03pm:
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