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Arms, Itchy skin, every night, feels like under the skin

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 51; Very good; Relevant drugs:none ) on Sat 14, Jun 2008 07:21am

my wife's arms itch all the time, feels like its under the skin, tingly and itchy feeling from under the skin. What would cause that or how can we stop it, Please.

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Answer by Dr.Bhumika Aggarwal  on Sat 14, Jun 2008 10:00am:

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Comment by Mamaitch on Sun 15, Aug 2010 05:23pm:
I have had itchy arms for over 20 years now. Been to every doctor and been told all kinds of diagnosis's. A little over a week ago I happen to have a MRI on my cervical spine for arm and hand numbness and tingeling. I thought was just carpel tunnel, turns out to be spinal stenosis. Looking up information on line, a site with the word itch caught my eye. Reading more, I found my exact symptoms: arm itching, worse at night, not much helped,heat seemed to make worse, and so on. The condition is brachialradial pruritis. Please check it out. There is a strong connection with nerves in the spine of the neck and also with sun damaged skin or both. At least I finally know I am not alone and I know exactly what to call this thing. Not as uncommon as they think.Hope this helped you and your wife.

Comment by on Sat 04, Sep 2010 12:03am:
Very useful answer. thank you.

Comment by lucy bates on Sun 12, Sep 2010 03:54pm:
thank you for the help

Comment by on Sun 12, Sep 2010 07:06pm:
Thank your making a payment on the site.

Comment by Donna Watson on Fri 22, Oct 2010 02:55pm:
I have the same itch and it starts from mid to late September and lasts till mid March. I have it at present and it's driving me insane!!! I was perscribed cetrizine and eurax cream......neither are helping. I often wonder if the sun has been the cause of this as I holiday in a very hot climate. I have had this itch for around 4yrs and cannot seem to e able to tolerate it for much longer. Does anyone know of a medicine that controls this?

Comment by holly on Wed 24, Nov 2010 06:44pm:
I also have had the same itch for many years. the only thing that works is ice packs. i sleep with them on my upper arms and the itch goes away. sounds crazy but it works, i dont scratch till i bleed and i get sleep.

Comment by Mamaitch on Fri 26, Nov 2010 12:00pm:
If you look up brachial radial prsisits(itch) you will find the exact symptoms mentioned above, seriously! It's also called the ice-pack itch, ha ha. Not very funny actually. The wetness from the ice pack makes me itch also. My sheets are always bloody from itching all night even in my sleep. Think heaven is the only solution. I can wait for that one even if I always itch.

Comment by suzie on Thu 23, Dec 2010 02:29pm:
YES, YES, YES!!! I so want to help people with this problem b/cI had the same itching for years and found a CURE. Thought i was going insane - cant sleep, scratch until bleeding on both arms, etc. It is caused by a pinched nerve in the neck so aug 15 above is correct but I found a total CURE. My sister is a Naturepathic doctor and told me to take Neurotransmitters which relax the nerves. OMG this has saved me from insanity. I take 2 Adre Cor a day and 1 Trava Cor for imediate releif and the Adre Cor is for long term. The Trava Cor works within 5-10 minutes and the Adre Cor is for long term. They will return you back to a 'normal' life. Website is I emailed my Dermatologist and he said i have saved a lot of people from suffering by sharing this with him. I will check back on this website for any furutre question.

Comment by Amy Howell on Wed 05, Jan 2011 08:20am:
My brother has been having problems with itching every time he stretches his arms or leans to the side. He said it gets worse at night. He showers every night before bed. I've checked for bed bugs, cleaned his sheets often, rubbed lotion on his back, I feel like I've done everything. Do you know what could be causing this?

Comment by Eileen Pina on Thu 06, Jan 2011 03:18pm:
I have had this itching of the arms at night for a couple of years now. Been to a dermatologist, tried creams...Still no relief. I have also had neck problems and acid reflux in the past. Could this be associated??? I have a new mattress and furniture. My dermatologists suggested a biopsy.

Comment by Yane on Fri 07, Jan 2011 07:08am:
@Eileen Pina: Looks like we have the same experience thus I share your question. Itching on my arms just began tonight, thus my Google-ing. Noticed a stiff neck earlier today. Also been diagnosed with GERD last month, confirmed by a gastroscopy.

Comment by on Thu 24, Feb 2011 04:58am:
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Comment by on Thu 31, Mar 2011 07:15pm:
Itchy skin can be due to dermatitis, lice, scabies and hives, internal diseases like liver and kidney disorders, diabetes, iron deficiency anemia, irritation and allergic reactions to chemicals, wool, soaps, cosmetics and certain foods .

Comment by on Wed 06, Apr 2011 08:37pm:
Itchy skin at night can be due to scabies which is a contagious disease and caused by scabies mite. All family members may start showing symptoms in case it is scabies.

Comment by Sarah on Wed 01, Feb 2012 01:30am:
I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one out there, suffering from this - I feel like I am going insane with this irritation, have also tried every cream on the market thus far and I have to admit the only thing which helps is ice packs!

Comment by Susan on Fri 21, Sep 2012 05:02pm:
I too have the insane itching and stinging only on my arms. Ice packs helps mine as well. It has been the "only" thing that works. It started last summer but very mild. This summer it has driven me insane. Ice packs are the answer.

Comment by john on Tue 09, Oct 2012 08:18pm:
I have had this for over twenty years. I used to think it was irritation from the dust in my fathers shop (door and trim buisness( which I worked in for many years. Now 40 years later, I have bulgin disc and have recently learned about nerves in skin and neck problems. My itch is in my left arm and now I am convinced that my neck has had an issue since I was in my twenties (hence the itching) and has progressed into a bulging disc. no wonder it was always in only one arm. the same arm that went numb when injury pushed the chronic condition into a bulging disc. The health care provider downplays corrective surgery but I want it fixed. its the C6-C7. I am gonna look into the adre cor the person mentioned

Comment by Mama itch on Wed 10, Oct 2012 10:53am:
I wrote on this forum 2 years ago. Since that that time I've been put on meds for bi-polar and depression. To be specific lithium and Wellbutrin. First time my itch has actually gone away. It did return but not nearly as bad as before. Turns out that the meds block signals in the brain that also feel pain aka itch. Some neurotransmitter stuff. I also learned that the numbness in my arms is cervical spinal stenosis. Pretty bad too. I believe that the nerves in my neck have been sending the wrong signals to my brain making me itch exactly in the place of my body that those nerves run to. It's really not that difficult to figure out. We all are not crazy, allergic, mentally I'll people. Even if we are, that wouldn't make us all itch the same exact way and all use ice packs for relief. Unless you are itching out of your own control, helplessly, finding no relief, no compassion- you would not understand. "just don't scratch the itch" is just so worthless that unless you are suffering like us, you haven't a clue. Neuro docs are the only doc that can help us. It's the nerves that run from our spinal cord to the places that our itch that is responsible. This is a devastating condition that makes you feel alone and helpless. You are not alone or helpless. Go see a neuro doc and just see if your nerves in your spine can at least be ruled out. Whether or not we can find a solution is another thing. I'll get back to you if I have anything else to share about my own "recovery" just know there are a lot of other people itching the same way you are, and you are not crazy.(even if those meds can help :)

Comment by Shannon on Sat 07, Sep 2013 07:25pm:
Doctor told me that my furniture was probably made in china and has a chemical that has caused this terrible itch on my arms.. She said until I get rid of the furniture from china the itch will not go away...I'm willing to do anything now it's so unbearable

Comment by Tom on Sun 08, Dec 2013 10:02pm:
I'm ready to cut my arm off. No insurance and can't go to dr. Are any of these med available over the counter?

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