This question was answered on Sat 20, Feb 2010 05:31pm by Dr.Kokil Mathur

the inside (the hole) itches. can using too many tampons cause this? is it truethat using tampons puts microscopic tears in your vagina?

Asked by saj2010 (Female; 25; UNITED STATES ) on Sat 20, Feb 2010 04:26pm

the inside (the hole) itches. can using too many tampons cause this? is it true that using tampons puts microscopic tears in your vagina?

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Answer by Dr.Kokil Mathur  on Sat 20, Feb 2010 05:31pm:

Hi! Thanks for your question on the forum. Tampons do not cause vaginal tears if used carefully. However many women do report abrasions from use of tampons. If you are using tampons and have developed an itch, then this could be due to some infection. Leaving tampons for too long or not maintaining good person hygiene while inserting them or leaving the tampons out of their packs before use are often the cause of infection. The itch could also be due to allergy to the material of tampon. Hence stop using tampons and use pads instead and see if it helps. If it does not help you need to get a complete STD panel done. A vaginal swab should be cultured. Vaginal itching could also be due to thrush or fungal infection, bacterial infection, trichomonas infection or herpes simplex infection. It could be any other STD too. If you have a discharge too it could be either of thrush or fungal infection, bacterial infection, or trichomonas infection. Thick white discharge with itchiness and swelling could be a yeast infection or candida infection. This would need treatment with both, oral antifungal taken once a week for 4 weeks or more and local antifungal application. Alternatively it could be due to allergy to undergarments, soaps, creams, razors etc. Many a times it can be due to an unknown cause. This itch is difficult to treat. The treatment will depend on the cause. In your case it may be tampons, but it may also be that you use them well and hence it could be any other cause too. Please consult a gynecologist as it is difficult to diagnose the cause of itch on net. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Comment by Dr Bhupinder K, MD on Sun 21, Feb 2010 08:23pm:

Comment by Hanna on Tue 16, Nov 2010 09:18am:
Hello, I need a little help also. I just started using birth control 5 months ago because my cramps were so bad id have to lay down and cry. Although after starting birth control my cramp pain has lessened i noticed that i am less wet then i used to be. This last period (my fifth on Birth Control) was unusually heavy and i was replacing my tampon so much that the inside of my vagina started hurting whenever i would take one out. I decided to wait a day after my period when i stopped using tampons before i had sex with my boyfriend, and the first time there was a little pain like when i would pull out my tampon but not enough, the second time he had to use a lubbed condom because it started to hurt and the next day we couldnt have sex because it hurt too much, is this just because i need to use lube now or is it a sign of something more serious? I love having sex and this really bothers me because the birth control is making me less wet. So my question is would this pain just be associated with vaginal irritation from too much tampon use rubbing it and too much sex afterward, or is it something more serious?

Comment by on Tue 17, May 2011 10:03pm:
Too much sex can cause pain and itching inside vagina due to the trauma to the wall of vagina caused by friction rub. Avoid intercourse and masturbation for a few days and wear cotton undergarments. Also take some antihistaminic for itching and pain killer for inflammation. If symptoms are worse then consult a gynecologist.

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