Thank you so much. It helps!

I am very pleased with your answer, thank you.
Valerie Watkins

Thank you very much for your help. its good to know that theres someone out there to help and give advice. Take care

Thank you very much doctor for helping me out.

Hi thank you so much for your advice, if ever I need some more info I shall revert back to you DR

ThanQ Dr.Ravindra Rajput .... Thanks a lot for your suggestion..... i would suggest my friends about this website...its very helpful.. Bye

Thanks so much for your help. May God richly bless u

The Dr.'s answer was totally accurate. It indeed did go away after 48 hours and was alleviated somewhat by the Ibuprofen.
Wynonie Harris

Thanks doc ! Actually I'm from entertainment sector so 6-pack abs are necessary ! Thanks 4 ur advise doc ! God bless u ! :-)

Dr. Mathur, Thank you very much. Sometimes having good direction is as good as the cure! I now can directly start finding the fix, rather than wandering around. I have a gym membership but not used it because of my back. Will look into uses of the gym to ease compression (will find a MD also). Also, gyn visit is soon. Thank you again.

I was very pleased with my response & the explanation as to why the Dr felt the reason for my symptoms. I an new to the area in which I live & do not have a job yet, but when I get one, I will be making a donation to this website. It was very helpful & nice to have without a bunch of stuff like having to have to money or cell phone number etc. Thanks again!

I ended up having Lyme Disease afterall. I am on a 3 week treatment of amoxicillin which will hopefully do the trick. Thank you for your help.

Dr. Bhumika Aggarwal may have saved my life!!! I posted a question on January 21st and the Dr. responded with the suggestion that I get a doppler ultra sound. I scheduled a Drs. appointment and demanded that my quack doctor write me a script for a Doppler which after some debate he begrudgingly did. After the Doppler, and a thousand other tests, Indeed, I had suffered a clot in my left leg and had subsequently suffered a Pulmonary Embolism. My doctors kept telling me that I had a foot condition and had experienced severe muscle pulls in my chest, because I had presented first with chest pain and then with leg pain ( Apparently that is the wrong order, and apparently that order is not on some doctors check list) Thank you Dr. Aggarwal I hope you receive this and would like very much to meet you some day.
I just wanted to say thank you to Dr Mathur for taking the time to give such a detailed helpful answer and to Dr Rajput for taking the trouble to do an extra helpful comment.
Our special thanks to the doctors who have taken the time and trouble to give us help and advice in a very difficult time Of all the advice sites we have tried this is the only one that has really helped Thank you

Hello! I am a common man, who just study your site which help me a lot, so by my heart I must say " God Bless you and your Team "
Siraj e Ali

Thank you for your quick response. I realize the potential gravity of this habit and will take action soon. Keep up the great work you do in your discipline :).

Thank you for your response, the information is very helpful indeed and I am starting to feel better already. I have now made an appointment to visit a local Psychologist during the week for an evaluation. I will print out your response and show it to the Psychologist during our session.
Liverpool, UK

Great appreciate for your early help.

Thank you very much. I feel I got more information for my meager donation than all the $$$$$$$$ i have spent in this long process of elimination. Of course I still have questions and issues I would like touched on..but as I said finances are small and bills are huge....and I truelly truelly appreciate your time...I may return with more ???? on payday......your hepatically disfunctional friend
Well done Doctor, we are very imprested with the diognosis. We suspected hives but the peace of mind is worth the donation. Nice to know there is professionals to turn to when your so far from home.Keep up the good work.
Hong and Angus

Thank you very much for answering my query and again thank you for clarifying my doubts.

I didn't expect an answer so quickly. Your doing a good job. I was already leaning toward light sensitivity because my sister has it too, though not as bad as me.

I thank you so much for your answer and I shall see to it .My rating for your answer is very good .Thanks again.

thank u doc..i appreciate your valuable advice in time. I hope this will resolve my problem. I would recommend people to ask more questions to you.

Thanks, The answer to my question will be a lot of help..

Thankyou, I will contact my Dr. and pass on the information you sent me.

I sincerely appreciate the advices you have provided to one of my patient that bring into my attention as a print-out during my psychological session with him. This made me quite enthusiastic to visit your site and scroll your expert opinions that also could be part of my future advices. Please keep up the good work you are doing so far.
Dr. John Smith
Psychologist, UK

I hope the doctors got my "thank you" post. Very timely, informative and appreciated responses. So pleased that I found this site.
Thanks, again.

Just to let you know we had the ultrasound today and a GIST was confirmed and it is benign !! Will be seeing specialist once they have consulted with each other and having it removed as soon as can be organised So great news and our our special thanks to the doctors who have taken the time and trouble to give us help and advice in a very difficult time Of all the advice sites we have tried this is the only one that has really helped Thank you
I have been conversing with Dr. Mathur & he has provided very useful information to me. I would like to continue to have him address my questions if possible.
Thank you very much!! Dr. Kokil Mathur has been so wonderful in answering my questions.
Thank you so very much for the answer to my question,i have found it very helpful in understanding my condition i know where to come if i have anymore concerns in future thankinking you once again

Thank you very much. This helps me alot. Its been on my mind for a couple of days and has been worrying me sick.

Very good. my doubt cleared almost. if you would have suggested some medicine it will be excellent. after using the medicine you suggested, still getting pain means we can consult the nearest dentist. once again thanks.
Durga Prasad

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