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Asked by Unregistered (Male; 60; UNITED KINGDOM ) on Fri 21, Mar 2014 07:57am
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my urine is strong yellow/ pale yellow / clear. the urologist said in july last its luts at the start in april last urine was a mucky brown for approx 1 week which indicates infection. if i take tablets will the nocturia go aaway then return over time?

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Answer by Dr.Kokil Mathur  on Fri 21, Mar 2014 09:03am:

Hi! The urine color varies in a healthy individual from clear to pale yellow to dark yellow depending on his water intake, diet and medications. This does not reflect any illness. However, if the urine is persistently dark yellow in color then it could be due to dehydration or due to any medication or due to liver and gall bladder problems. Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) can occur due to raised PSA or BHP or due to inflammation or infection in the body. Nocturia is also a part of LUTS. However, nocturia can occur due to many other causes as well such as diabetes, adrenal gland problem, bladder neck obstruction, infection, or drinking excess water. So if nocturia is due to infection, then yes, taking medications to control infection will take care of nocturia. If nocturia is due to raised PSA (and so a part of LUTS) then the cause of raised PSA will need to be determined (cancer, BHP or prostatitis). Once the cause is treated nocturia will be controlled. BHP and prostatitis can be managed with medications, but cancer of prostate may require surgery. If the nocturia is due to diabetes or adrenal gland problem then this will need to be treated with medications. Brownish discoloration of urine can be due to infection (UTI generally), kidney disease, kidney stone, hepatitis and bladder cancer. Hence appropriate tests should be done to rule out these causes one by one. Treating the cause may help control nocturia as well. So, it is difficult to say whether nocturia will go or not with the medications prescribed to you. Nocturia is a symptom - the underlying cause has to be found and treated for it to go away completely. Sometimes, despite a correct diagnosis and treatment, nocturia persists. In these cases it is worthwhile to test urine through special cultures for TB or fungal infection or atypical bacteria as these may be the cause of LUTS and nocturia. Please discuss this with your doctor. Please feel free to ask anything else you may want to know. Take care!

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Comment by peter yielding on Fri 21, Mar 2014 11:43am:
not answered

Comment by Dr Sanjivani Wanjari on Mon 24, Mar 2014 04:59am:
HI, I agree with Dr Mathur that change in the colour of urine when it is not associated with pain, fever or other factors can be due to change in diet, dinking less of water and due to certain drugs that you may be taking. Dark urine can also be due to problems associated with the liver and gall bladder and you should test for liver function. It is also necessary to rule out urinary infection by doing urine routine analysis and culture test. Metabolic problems like diabetes and local issues like problems with the prostrate can cause nocturia. An ultrasound scan of the abdomen and pelvis will help rule out gall bladder and renal stones or any other abnormality. If no reason is found for the nocturia after all investigations, then idiopathic nocturia can be treated with the help of drugs like amytriptiline. Hope this helps. Consult your Doctor. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.

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