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narrowed carotid artery very tired and no energy many headaches

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 51; USA; I am a patient that was diagnosed with bi_polar I took medication for 15 years but have not taken any in almost 8 months ) on Fri 08, Aug 2008 02:48pm

Narrowed carotid artery .can you tell me what kind of symptms i would have i am not feeling well.I have no energy at all and my head always feels strange

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Answer by VanessaMD  on Sat 09, Aug 2008 08:10am:

Hi A carotid artery stenosis refers to the narrowing of the carotid arteries and diagnosis of which may be given by your physician after a complete physical examination. A bruits which is a rumbling or swishing sound may be heard over the neck when your physician auscultates or listens to the area with his stethoscope. A carotid duplex scan may also be able to help assess how narrow the carotid vessels are. In most cases, stenosis may not present with any symptoms. Dizziness may be noted for some patients. However lightheadedness and the easy fatigability you have mentioned are nonspecific symptoms. How old are you? You need to be further evaluated here. A complete cardiac work up including an EKG, 2D echo and stress test as well as blood tests for blood sugar and cholesterol levels are important.

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Comment by on Sat 26, Mar 2011 12:28pm:
Headaches and no energy is a sign of migraine. magnesium and calcium for long term & Vitamin B Riboflavin are some useful drugs in Migraine . Riboflvin seems to increase energy reserves in brain cells.

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