This question was answered on Thu 31, Dec 2009 08:39am by Dr Vinod, MBBS,FcGP

my vagina walls are red,inflamed and swollen as well as my clitorius and aroundit. i can't pee as the pain is so bad it makes me wana scream. it is so stingyand it looks cut and lumpy. the only thing that sooths it for a short time isbathing which iv been

Asked by bikergirl909 (Female; 18; allergic to penicillan and to other antibiotics; Relevant drugs:tetralysal (for skin) and telfast (allergies) ) on Thu 31, Dec 2009 06:18am

my vagina walls are red,inflamed and swollen as well as my clitorius and around it. i can't pee as the pain is so bad it makes me wana scream. it is so stingy and it looks cut and lumpy. the only thing that sooths it for a short time is bathing which iv been doing as much as possible while putting sudocream on it. i can't even sit comfortably with it and im to embarrassed to tell my mum or go to my GP.

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Answer by Dr Vinod, MBBS,FcGP  on Thu 31, Dec 2009 08:39am:

Hello bikergirl909, I would suggest you to avoid using: soap, bubble bath, antiseptic, scented shower gels, cosmetics and other products on your delicate vulval and vaginal area. Avoid scrubbing and gently clean with water. If drying the vulva with a towel is too painful, try using a hairdryer on a cool setting. This is also recommended if you have active genital herpes. To avoid shampoo coming into contact with the vulva, wash hair separately above a hand basin. You are also suggested to avoid wearing tight fitting outfits, synthetic underwear as these cause reactions. Wear cotton knickers that are not too tight. I also suggest you to avoid detergents and fabric softeners which can be an irritant to vulval skin and start using non biological washing powder or try washing your undergarments in baking soda after rinsing your underwear well. If urination is causing stinging and pain because the urine is touching the sore vulval skin, try pouring lukewarm water over the vulva and vagina while you are on the toilet. It may also help to lean slightly forward when you are on the toilet as this directs the stream of urine straight down and minimizes the amount that touches the skin. Start taking anti histamines till your allergy decreases and follow all these preventive measures. If you had any sexual encounter then this can be due to Sexually transmitted diseases. Vaginal infections often affect not only the vagina but also the vaginal opening and the skin around it causing itching and pain. It is important to remember that not all women get all the symptoms associated with an infection. Also, symptoms may vary between different bouts of the same infection. Vaginal thrush or candidiasis usually produces a very thick, white discharge that resembles curdled milk. White patches may also be seen on the inside of the vaginal skin, with area outside the genitals looking inflamed, dry and red. Bacterial vaginosis causes soreness, burning and itching of the vulva but little or no redness or swelling with a strong fishy smell with vaginal discharge. Trichomoniasis a vaginal infection can cause the vulva to become sore, red and inflamed. The most notable symptom is a foamy, yellow greenish vaginal discharge. In some women it also hurts to urinate. The organism that causes these symptoms is a parasite in the vaginal mucus. It spreads through penetrative vaginal sex and the exchange of vaginal fluid, for example, through sharing sex toys. Treatment is usually antibiotics taken by mouth. To prevent re infections, your sexual partner(s) should also be treated. Other causes like vulval vestibulitis and dysaesthetic vulvodynia, collectively known as vulval pain syndromes, for which there is no easy explanation can be diagnosed by your specialist in absence of any other known cause. Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for vulval and vaginal problems can prove to be difficult for some women. Initially, your GP should examine you and treat or advise you appropriately. If your symptoms persist you can ask to be referred to a specialist. This referral can be to a dermatologist, gynecologist or genito-urinary specialist. Some hospitals have special vulval clinics that you can be referred to. There are also clinics you can attend without a referral. Many hospitals have a sexual health clinic at their GUM (Genito-Urinary Medicine) department. They hold frequent clinics and you can either make an appointment or attend at a time when no appointment is needed. Take care!

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Comment by Dr Bhupinder K, MD on Thu 31, Dec 2009 09:33am:

Comment by on Thu 24, Mar 2011 01:58am:
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Comment by on Sun 27, Mar 2011 10:55am:
Inflamed vagina indicate vaginal infection caused by microorganisms. Its start discharge with itching, redness, and sometimes burning and soreness.

Comment by on Mon 11, Apr 2011 08:39pm:
Inflamed vagina can be due to vulvovaginitis which is inflammation of the vagina. It can also be due to trauma, infections, irritation of the vagina by chemicals or STD's.

Comment by Verna on Fri 23, Mar 2012 07:45pm:
I have been having inflammation of the vigina for about 5 months. After repeated visits to various doctors, OBGYN, etc. the situation still exists. From their recommendatons, I have used Mystatin & Triamcinolone Acetonide, Clotrikmazole & BETAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE CREAM, Estrace cream, Fluconazole, anti-botic cream, but to no avail. Still on fire. Can you help.

Comment by ... on Sun 27, May 2012 10:12am:
Hello.. I've had a really sore vagina and bum for the last few day it seem to be getting worse its so painfull that I can't even go to the toliet for a wee or poo and when I do I acually cry beacause of the pain and have to jump straight in the bath as I can't wipe myself because of the pain. I've been to the docs and they gave me thrush cream I've also tryed vasaline and sudo cream and cream for piles nothing is working its really geting me down its constantly stinging! Its kinda like a itchy sting. Beetween my bottem and vagina my skin is cracking and is very sore! :( such a horrible pain

Comment by shina on Tue 03, Jul 2012 08:59pm:
my peri area is swallon and it burns like crazy. my urine is clear no smell but due to lot of buring feels like fire. i also have temp of 100.1. i do have blister. can this be serious? i was thinking it might be due to hot weather and also i am also getting clear discharge with no smell. i feel discomfort walking sitting may be due to pubic hair on swollen areas. please help me because my doctor gave me appointment after 7days. please tell me what i can do?

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