Swollen hands and feet. Rheumatism and renal colic. Heart problem. Diagnosed with SLE.

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 30 ) on Sat 17, Sep 2011 08:08pm

I am Cynthia, female and single. I will start by giving my health condition and what do I have. My problem started when I had swelling in the hands, feet and the neck with severe pain in joints. I couldn't open a bottle or a door easily or move without the pain. I lost my appetite for long time and didn't eat properly for 3 months. I have fever and can feel my blood boiling hot from inside and anyone touching me can feel it too with internal shaking very noticeable from the outside whenever I pick or move something or even talk. I have renal colic. My hair is falling occasionally. I have lack of sleep and weakness in the eyes. I have abnormal heart beating rate and my blood pressure keeps on dropping and feel faint and dizzy most of the time. I feel like Rheumatism pain that keeps on coming and going in my joints throughout my body. I went to the hospital and the doctors there suspected in my case. After the urine and blood tests which I will upload pictures of them, the doctors said it is Kidney Inflammation, but after more investigation, they said it is something related to the immune system and sent me to the Rheumatology Clinic until they diagnosed me with SLE "Systemic lupus erythematosus". Then, I had to stay in the hospital for three days. They used to give me injections of Prednisolone with high rate through the vein until the swelling was gone. And I requested to go home and they let me, prescribing for me: Prednisolone 70Mg which was high quantity, I couldn't handle it. Gasec-40 I took only for one day because my body collapsed later on. Rofenac 50Mg Calcium 600Mg Azaprin 100Mg After couple days, I felt my body was collapsing with high heart beats and internal shaking and all except for the swelling which had been gone for long time. So, I went to another hospital because I wasn't comfortable with the results of the old one, and they made me stay there for a week. Until I insisted on them to go back home, and they let me go after prescribing: Prednisolone 40Mg they kept of decreasing it every month till it become 10Mg, and stayed like that for 6 months. Calcium 500Mg Immuran 100Mg Alpha 0.25Mg Plaquenil 200Mg Which I stopped taking after my last appointment with them. Riaproxen Naproxen 250Mg I came back and my condition was stable for like 6 months, although the pain was there. So, I occasionally if not rarely take some other medicines which are not part of the prescriptions given to me, which are: Sapofen 600Mg Rofenac 50Mg Voltaren 50Mg I don't take them all together, just one or two whenever I can't stand the pain I am having, but I am trying my best keeping the doctor prescription. Until lately, the swelling of my hands and feet started coming back again with all my health problems and I am afraid that everything I have went through for 8 months so far with all the medicines and appointments and prescriptions and the diagnosis was all wrong. The doctors in my place couldn't really help me. I am losing hope with all the medicines I am taking and going back and forth to the hospital, that is why I am asking here for a professional who can really understand what I am going through.

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