This question was answered on Fri 04, Jun 2010 04:57pm by Dr.Bhumika Aggarwal

My Child has red itchy bumps all over his body

Asked by val s (Male; 4; UNITED STATES; none; Relevant drugs:he uses Zyrtec daily to help his ears stay clear ) on Thu 03, Jun 2010 02:31pm

my 4 year old started getting red spots all over his body the doctor said he has scabies we treated it with permethrin cream last night and as the day goes on it seems like he is getting more on his legs and arms he doesnt have any on hands feet no puss pockets please help

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Answer by Dr.Bhumika Aggarwal  on Fri 04, Jun 2010 04:57pm:

Hi, This could be eczema, sweat dermatitis, allergic reactions or due to friction or tight , uncomfortable clothing. You need to wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions and see if it helps. You need to maintain a good personal hygiene. Wear lose comfortable clothes. Keeping the affected area moistened can promote skin healing and relief of symptoms. It would be advisable to consult a skin specialist for the symptoms and a proper clinical examination. Regards.
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Comment by L.Conner on Sun 20, Mar 2011 11:45am:
my son developed samll whith blistery bumps on the upper part of his ears-by evening they were both red,swollen and stinging...I gave Benedryl-seems a bit better today-or other son started to develope the same bumps on his ears as well,but not swollen/red...any idea what this could be from? L Conner

Comment by on Sun 20, Mar 2011 11:15pm:
It can be due to allergies or viral infection which cause blisters. He may need antiviral drugs.

Comment by on Mon 11, Apr 2011 08:42pm:
Itchy, small, tiny red bumps on child's tummy can be due to viral rashes, allergies, heat rash, prickly heat or dermatitis to the texture of clothes.

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