This question was answered on Wed 26, May 2010 06:18pm by Dr.Kokil Mathur

Leg Pain w/ Body Welts

Asked by maroon (Female; 44; UNITED STATES ) on Wed 26, May 2010 01:34pm

Over the weekend, my wife lower legs began to swell and were painful to the touch. She could barely walk due to the pain. On Monday, a rash of welts appeared randomly on the entire body concentrated mainly around the knees. Several of the welts were large and swollen but none of the welts was itchy. The pain has increased and the lower legs look a little bruised/discolored. No fever.

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Answer by Dr.Kokil Mathur  on Wed 26, May 2010 06:18pm:

Hi! Lower leg swelling with welts that do not itch can be due to venous pooling as in deep vein clots, thrombophlebitis, and DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Infections like filariasis and cellulitis are other possibilities. A duplex ultrasound or color dopplar may be required. Usually conditions of heart, kidney, liver or low protein or severe anemia, which cause ankle swelling cause both ankles to swell. Hence if both ankles are swelling then you will need to get heart function assessed by ECHO and EKG, get kidney and liver function tests done and get a complete blood picture for anemia. Low sodium in blood, hypothyroidism and malabsorption syndromes causing low protein in blood have to be looked into. All these causes too can cause welts due to capillary bleeds. Please consult a doctor soon and get this evaluated. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Comment by Dr Ajit Singh on Wed 26, May 2010 11:24pm:
Hello Marron, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting on the site. All the possible causes for the symptoms what you have mentioned have been very well explained for Dr.Kokil Mathur. As the rash of welts appeared on the entire body, mostly around the knees, though they are not itching, I would suggest you to start on with Anti histamines and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs after consulting a Physician to rule out anaphylactic reaction may be secondary to some insect bite. Meanwhile give complete rest to the legs and check out for serum sodium levels also to rule out Hyponatremia. Hope this helps you. Any doubts, kindly keep posting. Regards

Comment by maroon on Wed 26, May 2010 11:38pm:
Thank you for your response. She went to the emergency room on Monday evening and was examined but with no diagnosis by the ER doctor. Went to family doctor today (Wed). Had blood drawn and was referred to orthopedist for the very painful legs. Orthopedist took x-rays of the ankle areas but the only finding was mild tendonitis...not enough to cause the extreme pain. Orthopedist has referred to a communicable disease specialist and the hospital for more blood work and a chest x-ray. Have been prescribed pain medication and a steroid. The pain is extreme to the point of having to use a walker just to get from room to room...this from a very healthy and walking 44 yr old just two days prior. None of the doctors have tied the leg pain issue with the rash/welt issue.

Comment by Henry McCluskey on Sun 09, Sep 2012 06:09pm:

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