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Cialis and Nitric Oxide Supplement

Asked by alex5625 (Male; 42; UNITED STATES; Always been problems otherwise; Relevant drugs:Cialis ) on Thu 08, Apr 2010 02:03am

I recently started taking Cialis for my Ed and also just started a workout regimen. I take a 20 mg Cialis tablet about once every three days at night. I was thinking about taking a powdered supplement called Superpump 250 which contains Nitric Oxide. I was wondering if it was ok to take the supplement while still occasionally taking the Cialis. Again I workout in the mornings every day and usually take a Cialis tablet once every three days

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Thu 08, Apr 2010 03:12am:

Hello Alex, A warm welcome to Cialis as you know, is used to treat erectile dysfunction and any or almost every nutritional supplement for workouts contain anabolic steroids which have a major side-effect as erectile dysfunction. Now, NO in particular is a volatile nerve/biological messenger which may be function as endothelium derived relaxing factor which causes dilatation of blood vessels of the body leading to help in supplying more blood to muscles. This effect is utilized in body building but dilatation of peripheral blood vessels can deprive the blood supply to genital organs therefore aggravating the side-effect of erectile dysfunction and prolonged use can even cause impotence. You already have ED so even occasional use of such products could possibly take your ED treatment to backstep. These supplements are new in market so there is no documented side-effects and official researches are yet to prove their efficacy and side-effects. Therefore, it is advisable to get an opinion from your urologist who might be treating your already existing ED and can best decide about the effects of such products on your existing problems and recommend you proper diet and dosage. Upon net we can just describe you the potential issues related and would not recommend such products unless any official research proves complete safety of the product. Hope this helps. Do keep us posted in case of further doubts.

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Comment by Dr J Singh on Thu 08, Apr 2010 05:48am:

Comment by on Sun 31, Oct 2010 04:22pm:
I am in a urban urology practice, and I often get young men in for ED evaluations. As soon as I walk in and see that they are obviously taking muscle building products, I can tell them what the problem is, and they stop the drinks, potions, and pills, and within a month or two they are back tp normal and thank me.

Comment by Mike Taylor on Thu 09, Jun 2011 06:52am:
These comments show how uniformed MD's are about supplements, this Dr. thinks that all supplements contain Steroids???? Why do doctors continue to comment on things they know nothing about? The majority of MD's are nothing more that sales agents for big pharma! Go to your doctor and ask him or her how to actually CURE a problem instead of treating the symptoms and they are lost!

Comment by MuscleMedic on Fri 19, Aug 2011 02:55pm:
The main ingredient of nitric oxide supplements is the amino acid arginine. It is thought to stimulate the production and/or inhibit the reaction to NO in the body. The supplement in no way actually contains NO, nor do they contain "steroids". One thing to watch for would be a hypersensitive response to ED meds. You may experience the listed side effects, and possibly to a greater degree. Since the higher levels or arginine would clear your system within a few hours you should be safe if not taking them together or within 2-4 hours or each other. Best case would be arginine supplemt in morning ot afternoon and hold off on the ED meds until later in the evening. You may also want to be careful the next day if taking arginine.

Comment by MuscleMedic on Fri 19, Aug 2011 02:58pm:
In the last comment on the second line it should say "and/or increase the response to NO in the body" Not sure what I was thinking while typing that line.

Comment by Joel on Tue 08, Jan 2013 06:36pm:
Seriously? I cannot believe that some doctors think that every supplement is a steroid. First of steroids mess with your testosterone levels, NO boosters do not! Amino Acids are usually naturally occurring in many foods so the idea that Arginine, a non essential amino acide that can be found in foods, is considered a steroid just goes to show you how some of these doctors wasted 12 years in med school for nothing. Use your common sense. If an NO Booster or any other vasodilator has the potential to increase your blood flow, simply do not take it in conjunction with any ED meds! Simple! Cycle off your NO booster or even Horny Goat Weed for 1-2 days and then use your ED meds.

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