This question was answered on Thu 15, Apr 2010 08:47am by Dr Milan Sinha

Muscle weakness/heavy after drinking alcohol.

Asked by pitbull0790 (Female; 21; UNITED STATES; Cluster headaches; migraines; tendonitis in knee, ankles, left wrist; chronic ear infections. ; Relevant drugs:None ) on Fri 02, Apr 2010 04:53pm

Whenever I drink alcohol, my muscles become very weak and heavy. I become tired very quickly, nasal congestion, flushing, and I get really hot. This can happen after 1 drink. It doesn't usually happen with beer, but just about everything else like rum and wine. I do not drink a lot (maybe 3 drinks at the most on any given night) and I've never been drunk (not my thing). Any idea why my body reacts like this? Could it be an allergy, intolerance, etc? It feels like I've been drugged and/or someone is pushing down on my muscles. 30-45 minutes after drinking, the symptoms start to go away. Thanks for any help!

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Answer by Dr Milan Sinha  on Thu 15, Apr 2010 08:47am:

Hello, Symptoms like nasal congestion, flushing , muscle weakness after drinking indicates that you are allergic & intolerant to certain drinks like rum wine. You have to refrain from such drinks. Hope this helps you. Take care & regards.

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Comment by Ss5203 on Thu 17, Jun 2010 06:35pm:
Sorry, I don't have an answer to this. But i find the same. Im 18/Male/ I never drink apart from maybe on a one off, and even then it'll be something seriously light, like a smirnoff ice for example. Not long after finishing one my neck in particular feels really heavy. I hope someone has an answer for this.

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