This question was answered on Thu 11, Feb 2010 03:52am by Dr. Srivastava

i have tiny circle bruises appearing on my leg and arm for no reason is thisanything to be worried about?

Asked by amy.louise (Female; 16; AUSTRALIA ) on Thu 11, Feb 2010 02:53am

i have tiny circle bruises appearing on my leg and arm for no reason is this anything to be worried about?

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Thu 11, Feb 2010 03:52am:

Hello Mam, Thank you for visiting Bruising usually occurs due to rupture of tiny blood vessels in the skin leading to appearance of tiny pinpoint red dots in the skin. Usually bruises heal within 2 to 4 weeks, and in healing process they often turn color from red to brown or purplish black. Most bruises may come and heal away on their own. Home treatment may help speed-up the healing and relieve the pain and swelling that often come with bruises that are caused by injury. Unexplained bruising though requires medical evaluation to detect the cause as it may be a sign of any other bigger unidentified ailment. Still, it is said that bruising easily does not always signify any serious health problem, especially if bruising is minimal or has happened only once in a while. Unexplained bruising may occur due to any trauma which may not be recalled, allergic reaction to any cosmetics or drugs, viral or other chronic infections that may build-up toxins in the blood and tissues , deficiencies of vitamins B12, C, or K, or folic acid, decrease in platelet count (thrombocytopenia) of blood due to some known or idiopathic reasons, inflammation of a blood vessel( vasculitis), use of anticoagulants like warfarin, heparin, aspirin or steroids( now a days commonly used in cosmetic purposes), bleeding disorders like hemophilia etc, chronic subclinical illnesses like liver, lupus etc and leukemia ( in old age). You can take help of your doctor who can evaluate your family history of blood disorders, clinical examination of petechiae, and conduct complete blood cell count( for evaluation of platelets and ruling out any chronic infection), bleeding and clotting time, hemoglobin, any drugs you may be using, allergy and tourniquet (petechiae) test to reach to diagnosis and treatment thereafter. Until then you should take rest, apply ice on affected part for 10-20 mins 3 times a day, and keep your legs elevated from heart level to reduce blood supply. Take a balanced diet esp. rich in vitamins like green vegetables and fruits. You may use arnica as natural product for topical application. Do not smoke or use alcohol as these may delay healing. Hope this information helps you and do keep us posted in case of any further doubts. Take care.

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Comment by Dr Bhupinder K, MD on Thu 11, Feb 2010 06:10am:
Hello, Welcome to the forum. The various causes of unexplained bruising without any other medical symptoms have been very well explained by Dr Anurag. Anemia and deficiency of vitamins C, K, B12, or folic acid are the common causes of easy bruisability. Try taking iron tablets and multivitamins for some days and see if the symptoms improve. If the condition persists then the other causes enumerated by Dr Anurag have to be evaluated. One of the other possibilities that can cause circular bruises type rashes on skin especially the legs and arms is lichen aureus. It is a skin disease of children and young adults and may present as golden brown lesions that may affect any part of the body. A complete blood count and skin biopsy are the diagnostic tests needed. The other possibility that comes to my mind is of pityriasis rosea but in this the trunk is more commonly involved. My sincere advice is to get all the possibilities enumerated by Dr Anurag as well as these possibilities evaluated. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep us posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.

Comment by Dr.Kokil Mathur on Thu 11, Feb 2010 07:50am:

Comment by Jayne Crump on Tue 01, Mar 2011 01:42pm:
I have been having unexplained bruising for roughly 2 months now, sometimes they range from quite large dark bruises on the back of my legs to small finger print marks on my arms like somebody has grabbed hold of me extremely hard, the large bruises can hurt when you touch them. I am 38 years old an had nearly a full Hystectomy just over a year ago leaving just the womb in, the only medication I take is HRT, I went to the doctors just over a month ago regarding another issue and was advised to go back for blood tests if they were still appearing, my imune system also seems low and I catch any bugs going round, could this be serious???

Comment by on Thu 28, Apr 2011 10:02pm:
Bruises on arms for no reasons can be due to deficiency of iron, vitamins C, K, B12, or folic acid, liver disease, aplastic anemia, SLE, bone marrow disorders or leukemias.

Comment by on Mon 02, May 2011 10:27pm:
Jadera drug which is used as diet pills are composed of herbal extracts and are not FDA approved. They are not safe to take and may cause insomnia. Nothing is known whether it causes increased bruising.

Comment by on Tue 17, May 2011 11:07pm:
Bruises on arms without reason can be due to anemia, deficiency of vitamins, liver disease like hepatitis, aplastic anemia or leukemia. Get a complete blood count, hormone levels and a bone marrow aspiration done.

Comment by katrina johnson on Sun 12, Feb 2012 06:49am:
Can acai berry cause problems? Ive got 5-6 bruises on both thighs and upper arms, and a couple on my back??

Comment by Belinda Gamble on Mon 30, Apr 2012 04:08pm:
Have brown bruises showing up on my arms and a burning feeling under the skin. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be. Have had no injuries to the area. Just during the day have had these bruises showing up along with the burning and joint pain

Comment by Elysa on Wed 16, May 2012 09:28pm:
I'm geting little red dots that ich and hurt under my arms,and breast arms and back they look like they could be bug bites but had a doctor say its lupus looked at many pichers nothing lookes like mine.

Comment by laura on Thu 17, May 2012 02:56am:
i have recently noticed light brown/green bruises in a bunch of 9/10 0n each thighs what could this mean should i worry

Comment by laura on Thu 17, May 2012 02:58am:
continued...................... i also recently just come of birth control implant nexplanon

Comment by TC on Mon 11, Jun 2012 01:38pm:
Teenager with sudden onset of upper extremity bruising (no where else), and unexplained rash to back. Testing shows elevated ANA levels but everything else is essentially normal. Has seen rheumatologist, hematologist, internist, etc with no answers. Any ideas?

Comment by Aubrie on Sat 07, Jul 2012 08:15am:
LAURA Have you found anything out about your bruises, I also have nexplanon. Thanks!

Comment by Stokley Riffle on Wed 22, Aug 2012 12:14am:
Hi, I am 23 year old and realized i have 2 circle bruises inner circle is yellow and round is red what do it caue it? I woke with it and I kike what is that. No clues. Please helping me out sorry my grammar is bad because I am deaf myself. And I am a bit worried is it serious or just normal cause? Thanks

Comment by laura groarke on Wed 31, Oct 2012 10:37pm:
Hey my names laura ive had a gum infection for the last year and i keep getting bruises on my legs and one of my legs r sore and i keep getting little red dots on me legs any ideas wat cud be im 26.

Comment by Jennifer on Fri 28, Jun 2013 07:43am:
With any diet pill I take I get bruised with jadera and I am now taking afire with a simple touch I bruise

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