This question was answered on Mon 21, Dec 2009 04:36pm by Dr. Rajgopal, MBBS

i went to pee and when i wiped i saw a slimy clear discharge with red streak sand everytime i pee it hurt, an it feel like im having period cramps but its onand off. i keep constantly peeing.

Asked by bianca828 (Female; 17; pregnant ) on Sun 20, Dec 2009 03:10pm

i went to pee and when i wiped i saw a slimy clear discharge with red streaks and everytime i pee it hurt, an it feel like im having period cramps but its on and off. i keep constantly peeing. an im 39 weeks pregnant.

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Answer by Dr. Rajgopal, MBBS  on Mon 21, Dec 2009 04:36pm:

Hi, Frequent urination is common during late stages of pregnancy. About 30 weeks onwards, the increased weight of the growing baby and uterus start to put more pressure on the bladder causing urinary symptoms. Frequent urination may be worse if your pelvic floor muscle is weakened due to effects of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy, and possibly not doing enough pelvic floor exercises. During pregnancy, the cervical opening becomes blocked with a thick plug of mucus that prevents bacteria from entering the uterus. When the cervix begins to loosen, at the time nearing labor, the mucous plug gets dislodged. A stringy mucous discharge tinged with pink or brown blood is a sign of impending labor. Such "bleeding" signifies that the cervix blood vessels are rupturing as it dilates and effaces. Since you are experiencing uterine contractions along with these symptoms, please consult a gynecologist immediately to check whether you are nearing labour. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
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Comment by kelly on Fri 18, Mar 2011 05:32am:
hello im 39 weeks today me and my partner had sex last night i dont think i have had a show yet but when i went to the toilet after i went to have a pee i wiped and had see through stringy clear stuff on my tissue wondered if that had anythink to do with mu mucus plug or sex thanx kelly due the 25th of march 2011 having a girl tillie-may 2nd baby x

Comment by on Fri 18, Mar 2011 10:43pm:
It does not look like mucus plug which can present as mucus with streak of blood. keep an eye on the increased contractions and bloody show and avoid any intercourse at this time of preganncy. Best wishes.

Comment by on Wed 20, Apr 2011 11:04am:
Late period and pink tinged mucus can be due to pregnancy. This pink tinged mucus can be due to implantation spotting after conception. Get your blood test done for pregnancy.

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