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Pulsating feeling near belly button

Asked by candydivagirl (Female; 25; Nothing out of the ordinary. I had to take growth hormones because my pituitary gland didn't develop properly after being born 2 1/2 months early at 4 pounds 4 on. Stopped taking them at age 13 because I didn't feel they were helping. Doctor said I would always develop everything later than other females; I didn't have my first period until I was 21. I haven't had to go to the doctor for anything other than allergies up until moving to China two years ago. I went to the hospital three times within two years for intense headaches (pressure),tightness in my arms, and sharp pains on the ouuper left side of ribs. They thought I had mono or problems with my spleen, but all tests (upper body x-ray and ct-scan) were clear and they said I was in perfect health besides my blood pressure being a little low. Haven't been to any kind of doctor since returning to the states because I don't have and can't afford insurance and medical bills. ) on Wed 09, Dec 2009 12:44pm

I have recently started to feel a something like a hearbeat pulsating around my belly button area and a slight tightness. It's not painful, just annoying, but I am trying to figure out if it could be a sign of pregnancy. I am 25 and just had my second of two sexual experiences. I thought I was ready to have sex for the first time so we tried with a condom in October. There wasn't a complete penetration because I didn't like the pain and stopped. During the second attempt he touched my vaginal area with his unprotected penis (which I didn't know he was going to do, nor would have allowed), so again, I stopped everything! Now, of course, I am paranoid; although there was never a complete penetration, I know there is still a chance. I have been on every website checking for symptons of pregnancy and some of them have altered things I knew about it; I had a full 7 day menstrual cycle beginning on November 30, so I thought I was in the clear until one site said it was quite possible to have your period for MONTHS and still be pregnant. I have always been concerned about knowing if I'm pregnant because I never have a regular cycle. Now this beating feeling is starting to make me nervous. I have even convinced myself that I have some of the symptoms including slight weight gain, tender and itchy breasts, and I am sleepy, but those could also be a part of the cycle I just had and not going to the gym like I used to. Could I be pregnant? Would I be able to know so soon after the experience or would I be feeling a heartbeat at this point? If I'm not pregnant, what is causing this weird beating feeling in my belly (I sometimes also feel it at random spots in my body like near my temples and the backs of my legs)?

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Answer by Dr Anitha Paderla  on Wed 09, Feb 2011 09:00pm:

Hello and sorry for the late reply. Hope your symptoms are better now. The early symptoms of pregnancy can be frequent urination, as the enlarged uterus presses on the bladder causing a feeling to micturate. The hormonal fluctuations and the enlarging uterus can cause others like fatigue, breast tenderness, nausea, dizziness or fainting episodes. There could also be altered taste sensations, morning sickness, constipation or heartburn. Fluctuations in mood and low back pain may be there. Only a pregnancy test can help clinch the diagnosis. Regards.

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Comment by on Sun 27, Mar 2011 11:34am:
Early signs of pregnancy include heartburn, waterbrash, stomach pain, constipation. Take fruits, liquid diets, high carbohydrates, less fat and protein diet.

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