This question was answered on Sun 11, Oct 2009 08:54pm by Dr. Srivastava

Does taking prenatal vitamins make you more fertile?

Asked by mzcart8590 (Female; 19 ) on Sat 10, Oct 2009 08:12pm

Does taking prenatal vitamins make you more fertile? My doctor prescribed me with prenatal vitamins because I am highly anemic and said they provide your body with more iron than the regular multivitamin. I've heard alot of people say they make you more fertile but no doctors or experts. I want to continue taking my vitamins but not if they increase your chances of getting pregnant. Me and my fiance have been together a long time now and feel that we trust each other enough not to use protection, so we don't. I heard that just because the male "pulls out" doesn't mean you can't get pregnant, which I believe but if prenatal vitamins double the risk then that's a risk a don't want to take. Any one have answers?

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Sun 11, Oct 2009 08:54pm:

Hi, Multivitamins help to keep your body healthy by completing the body's vitamin requirements. And as far as pregnancy is concerned, it does not increase the chance of pregnancy. Regular multivitamin (esp. folic acid ) helps timely ovulation and further development of the fetus once a women conceives. Hope this helps.
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Comment by scorp on Sat 22, Jan 2011 11:43pm:
Actually, prenatals have a bunch of vitamins and stuff in them that increase blood flow to your reproductive organs, so I wouldn't say they make you more fertile, but they DO heighten your chances of getting pregnant.

Comment by on Sun 23, Jan 2011 12:37am:
Scorp do you mean to say there is not proven theory that use of prenatal can help you get pregnant?

Comment by Mavis Benson on Wed 23, Mar 2011 05:11pm:
1.) Dr. can I become preganant if I continue taking vitamin capsules?

Comment by on Mon 16, May 2011 09:32pm:
Prenatal vitamins help in keeping the body healthy but there is no direct relation with fertility. Folic acid taken in first trimester however prevent any neural tube defects in the fetus.

Comment by Jamie Schultea on Sat 04, Aug 2012 04:58pm:
Do prenatal vitamins make you bruise easy

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