This question was answered on Tue 15, Sep 2009 11:07am by Dr. Srivastava

Is a low grade fever of 99.3-99.5 and very mild aches and pains cause for concern of h1n1?

Asked by just1primate (Male; 37; Possible MS no confirmed diagnosis ) on Tue 15, Sep 2009 10:55am

Is a low grade fever of 99.3-99.5 and very mild aches and pains cause for concern of h1n1?

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Tue 15, Sep 2009 11:07am:

Hi, H1N1 symptoms are like the common flu infection, you may feel feverish with a high temperature (Temperature >100 Degree F). You may also have a sore throat, a headache, tiredness and muscle aches. Some people experience diarrhoea and vomiting. It is important that you contact a doctor if you have recently travelled to H1N1 affected area and have two or more of the above mentioned symptoms. Hope this helps.

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Comment by Andrea on Mon 18, Apr 2011 11:41am:
I have a friend who hasn't eaten in a week, she plans on not eating for another week. What will happen to her if she doesn't eat for 2 weeks? She can't afford to lose weight.

Comment by on Tue 19, Apr 2011 11:24pm:
Not eating food for such a long time can cause weakness, Irritability, Fatigue, Fainting, Prolonged hunger, Rashes, Sinus problems, Malnutrition and increased infections. Ask your friend to take small healthy meals at regular intervals.

Comment by andrea geist on Tue 26, Apr 2011 07:06am:
I t has now been 10 days since she has ate and I just found out that she is also a diabetic, she is not on meds for her diabetes. I know right now her blood sugars are running low, how long can she keep this up? She hasn't faiinted yet. I am truly worried about her now.

Comment by Andrea Geist on Tue 26, Apr 2011 08:51am:
I am sorry, now my friend is saying she is going to continue this as long as she can. What do I need to do?

Comment by on Tue 26, Apr 2011 11:27pm:
You need to consult a doctor at once for your friend. She is a diabetic and not taking her medicines and food since the last 10 days. She needs to be given intravenous infusion at once to prevent her from hypoglycemia and hypoglycemic coma.

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