This question was answered on Wed 17, Jun 2009 06:20am by Dr Bhupinder K, MD

Pain in my right leg calf , unable to walk with ease, unable to get up or lie down on right hand side.

Asked by sd55 (Male; 50; Reactive to sulphur; Relevant drugs:Proxyvon (wockhardt Limited, India), fermatation on the lower, end of spine above the buttocks, wearing a hip belt by vissco, also wearing a elastic knee band on my right leg. ) on Wed 17, Jun 2009 01:55am

Dear sir, I have had a accident on a scooter from which I fell off 13 days ago, and stared getting this pain on my right leg calf. I thought it was a swelling and it would go away soon, and I went to my doctor the next day and told her about this incident and also told her to give me a painkiller injection which she did. At first the pain was less and since thwe last five days it has increased and she gae me her own medecine for 2 days and today she prescribed Proxyvon - 3 times a day (manufactured by Wockhardt India), to take fermentation on the back, wear a hip belt by vissco and a elasic knee band on my right leg, My doctor also told me to do 3 spine excercises. Standing up from a chair gives me shooting pain in my right calf. Walking is also a problem. Should I use the scooter for some days or not. is bedrest prescribed. What should I do to make this pain go away. Before this I had no problems. Kindly Help me with some advise so that the pain goes away and I become normal again. I would be greatly obliged to you life-long. May god's choiciest's blessings be with you. God speed and regards, sd55

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Answer by Dr Bhupinder K, MD  on Wed 17, Jun 2009 06:20am:

Hello, First of all,it is important to rule out any fracture even if as trivial as a hair line one.So I would suggest you to get an x-ray done.Also keep on applying the warm compresses and take some anti inflammatory analgesic(pain killer) like Ibuprofen or Diclofenac.Also consult an orthopedician if the symptoms persist. Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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Follow up:

Clarification by sd55 on Fri 19, Jun 2009 02:42am:
Thnks so very much. I forgot to mention the pain comes and goes. and sometimes it is there for a long time and it makes me difficult to move around and becomes unbearable. My doctor has advised bed rest for 5 or 6 days. Do I have to do that. Youu are a good and straight forward person and God bless you for that. Regards with grateful thanks forever, sd55
Request for Clarification by Dr Bhupinder K, MD on Fri 19, Jun 2009 09:14am:
Hello, I agree with the doctors that bed rest is necessary. It can be a small fracture or rupture of the muscle fibers around the site which is leading to such pain.Pls take adequate bed rest and also get an x-ray or MRI of the right leg to see the extent of soft tissue injury. Hope it helps. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Kind regards.
Clarification by sd55 on Sun 21, Jun 2009 06:57am:
Dear Sir, I took out an x-ray of the Lumar Spine (PA/Lateral/Conedown), Both Knee Joints (Ap Standing/Lateral and Right leg (Ap/Lateral. The results are as follows: Lumar Spine: The vertebrae show normal alignment. The L5 is completely sacralised. No spondylolisthesis or spondylolysis is seen. The lumbar vertebrae show ostephytic lippings. The pedicles,lamina, spinous and transverse processes are normal. The sacro iliac joints are normal. the lower dorsal vertebrae are normal. Both Knee Joints: The bones show normal alignment. The cartiilage spaces in medical compartment are minimally narrowed. No significent osteophytic lippings are seen. No focal bone lesion is seen. No periosteal reaction is seen. No soft tissue massis seen. Right Leg: The bones show normal alignment. There is welll developed calcaneal spur & calcifucation is seen i9n the insertion tendo-achilles. No periosteal reaction is seen. No soft tissue mass or calcification is seen. Results: 1. The lumbar bertebrae shoe osteophytic lippings, The L5 is sacralised but there is noevidence of ant focal bone lesion or compression of the vertebrae. 2. the cartilage spaces in the medical compartment are minimally narrowed. No othe abnormality is seen. 3.The bones of the right leg do not reveal any abnormality. Insipite of the x-ray showing nothing wrong which the lady doctor alsosays so there is a lot of pain in the calf and I am unable to get up, walk, or lie down comfortably. Proxyvon does not seem to be working, shouldI start Brufen , or Combiflam instead? How long bed rest is reqiured with fermentation. Do I need to diathermy also. Please advise and help. Regards Sd55.

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