This question was answered on Mon 06, Jul 2009 03:16am by Dr Bhupinder K, MD

butt hole has pain and bleeding when pooping

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 21; myself-Panic attacks, depression, low father, aunt, and uncle-diabeties. my mother- poor blood circulation, depression. grandparents- heart attack and blood pressure; Relevant drugs:generic form of prosac, birth control ) on Mon 27, Oct 2008 09:12pm

My butt hole hurts and sometimes bleeds when i poop is it because i am constipated, or have hemroids or is there something wrong with me? please be as detailed as you possiblly can. Thank you so much for your time and help, woman with pain p.s. i am really pron to infrections (urine,and staff) and pink eye is there anything that i can take that may help me?

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Answer by Dr Bhupinder K, MD  on Mon 06, Jul 2009 03:16am:

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Comment by sam on Sun 05, Sep 2010 12:22am:
Hello im haing this same sor of roblem i go to the toilet eeryday for a number 2 but when i first go it hurts and i have looked and have got a few cuts on the hole also above my bum hole i have another little hole i think my bum hole stretches when i poo i dont want to go to the doctors be very hard t tell plz cud u give me more information thanks

Comment by on Thu 24, Feb 2011 04:56am:
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Comment by on Tue 29, Mar 2011 09:37am:
Pain and bleeding while pooping can be due to piles, anal fissure or rectal tear, intestinal polyps, inflammatory bowel disease or diverticulosis. Consult a surgeon.

Comment by johnny on Wed 13, Jun 2012 10:55pm:
my stomch feel pain and i i feel all of pain in the poop pain

Comment by Smita on Sat 26, Jan 2013 09:09am:
hello ,i am having problem going to toilet my anus hurts and when the pressure is to high it bleeds and a stinging pain follows.i drink lots of water.what should i do to get a healthy bowel movement .please help me

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