Crawling,itching and biting in ears,nose,eyes and all over body!

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 26 ) on Tue 07, Oct 2008 08:47pm

A while back are central airconditioning went out and we had to open the windows, unfortunately it let bugs in. One of them was a phorid fly, and I don't know if there was anymore. I bug bombed and couldn't get rid of them. I was the only one bitten. Know I feel like stuff is crawling in my ears,nose, and one night it felt like something was digging into the side of my eye and I woke up with an eye infection. I feel like something is jumping,crawling,biting,stinging on my body. At night especially, I feel like something is jumping on my eyelashes,face,eyebows,into my nose,mouth. I can't sleep. It can even be extremely painful when this biting occurs. What could this be! Is there anyway these bugs have transmitted something to me. My aunt came to visit a while back and she,her husband and child all had the same symptoms, but there's went away, mine hasn't. I never see anything, but sometimes I find black dots on my eyebrows or lint were I feel like i've been bitten. There's also allot of dust in are house though. I don't know what this is, but I know I can't tolerate much more. Please Help!

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