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Tiredness, headaches, aching legs, light sensitivity, white, numb finger tips, sore throats, exhausted. Its gone on for years!

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 240; hypermobile joints, growth hormone. ) on Wed 27, Aug 2008 03:19pm

For a number of years i've felt very tired, exhausted, found it very difficult to get motivated, but I can also find it difficult to get to sleep at night. I have alot of headaches, i find it difficult to concentrate, i'm alittle sensitive to the light. Occasionally my fingers go numb and turn white. I get an aching feeling/pain in my legs and i find it hard to relax. Also i get alot of sore throats and it feels like my glands are up most of the time. I'm not getting anywhere with my doctors, they just send me for another blood test which comes back normal.

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Answer by Dr Rowena S, MD  on Wed 27, Aug 2008 04:26pm:

Hi, Your exhaustion, fatigue and headaches may be due to your sleep disturbances. This may also lead to lowered resistance and immunity which make you susceptible to infections such as your sore throat. A consult to a sleep specialist may help. With your fingers turning numb and white, it is also important to rule out peripheral vascular diseases. The pain in your legs should also be evaluated as well to rule out muskuloskeletal disorders. A detailed medical history and physical examination is needed as well as an assessment of risk factors for PVD, heart disease and stroke. Blood tests may include cholesterol level, tests for diabetes, thyroid function tests and imaging modalities such as ultrasound and xray may be done. Take care and regards.
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Comment by jade on Wed 02, Sep 2009 04:03pm:
i have had crohn's for 18 years now and i can say the most stressful thing is aching legs. Pain comes and goes but this is like tooth ache in my legs. I can go for days without sleep cuz nothin helps it go. It's worst wen i have a flare up. X

Comment by Patrick Walsh on Mon 01, Feb 2010 01:34pm:
For a few years now I have been experiencing cracking in my joints constantly, to the point where it gets painfull, lately though I have been very tired, I cant focus, lower back and legs feel "stretched" and painfull, headaches and blocked nose. I do have Hay Fever and Sinositus(sorry for spelling), which may explain some symtoms. Also, I am 15 years old and near 6 foot 3, which I have been told is very tall for that age. Please, I need your help. Thanks

Comment by on Sun 27, Feb 2011 03:39am:
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Comment by admin on Mon 21, Mar 2011 12:47pm:
Tiredness and aching legs may be due to excessive probation, leg syndromes, pernicious anemia, fibromyalgia, diabetes, compartment syndrome, overuse & improper footwear.

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