This question was answered on Wed 07, Jul 2010 08:55pm by Dr Rowena S, MD

circular indentation on buttocks

Asked by thethreecs (Female; 50; UNITED STATES; no relevant history, no cancers, skin problems, diseases, etc.; Relevant drugs:none ) on Wed 02, Jun 2010 04:14pm

I have a sudden onset of a circular indentation about 1 inch wide on the fatty part of my buttocks. There has been no change in the color of the skin and the indentation is approximately 1/4 inch deep. If I push on the indent, there is no pain, and only a very small nodule in the center. Your thoughts?

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Answer by Dr Rowena S, MD  on Wed 07, Jul 2010 08:55pm:

Hi, How are you? Do you still have the indentation that you were referring to? To rule out if this is an infection, inflammation, cyst or lipoma, have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Direct clinical examination is important. Take care and regards.
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Comment by DeformedButt! on Wed 11, Aug 2010 07:13am:
Hi thethreecs, I just wanted to ask you what did you end up doing for your indentation? you see, the same thing happened to me, but after falling on my butt on a flight of stairs. I'm thinking about going to a plastic surgeon but I'm hoping it will go away on its own. Any comments on the mater would be really appreciated! Thank you. Ps. I want to wear a thong again!

Comment by Thomas. Jones on Thu 11, Aug 2011 12:25am:
On my left butt cheek I have a hole about 1inch in diameter. The hole is very deep and hurts a lot to push on it... I feel a lot of pain from that hole all the way down my leg.... It has grown bigger in the last few weeks... Plz let me know what u think... I hope it's not cancer....???

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