This question was answered on Fri 08, Oct 2010 05:33am by Dr Arti Sharma

Why doctor prescribed me REJOINT and NUROKIND OD for my knee pain problem

Asked by visgrover (Male; 30; INDIA; Knee Joint Pain; Relevant drugs:Rejoint tablet ("twice a day") and NUROKIND OD(once a day) ) on Sun 16, May 2010 05:28am

Can u pls tell me purpose of these tablets and why its given to me , i am having Knee Pain from last 2-3 months. for which disease doctor prescribe these tablets

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Answer by Dr Arti Sharma  on Fri 08, Oct 2010 05:33am:

Welcome to the forum.Normally knee is surrounded by a membrane called synovium which contains synovial fluid .Synovial fluid maintains movements at knee joint and provides nourishment to the joint.Neurokind is a tablet which contains multivitamins used to treat neuropathic type of pain.Rejoint is a nutritional supplement not a drug.It contains glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin.These are the constituents of synovial fluid. These supplements are known to improve pain in knee joint.Meanwhile you can also try other methods like physiotherapy,weight reduction (if you are obese).Best wishes and regards!
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Comment by rajkumar on Mon 29, Aug 2011 10:12am:
my foot is fractured, base of 5th matatasal bone why doctor is sujested use nurokind od tabs

Comment by rajkumar on Mon 29, Aug 2011 10:16am:
my foot is fractured, base of 5th matatasal bone Why doctor prescribed me and NUROKIND OD plz tell

Comment by sudha srivastava on Mon 19, Dec 2011 05:18am:
How long one can take Nurokind OD

Comment by Mrs. Cathy on Tue 07, Feb 2012 04:34am:
What is best medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis ?????

Comment by sonal on Thu 24, May 2012 11:26pm:
can i take nurokind od & becosule tablets together everyday..? & whats the difference between the medicinal compositions of both..??

Comment by moiz jiru on Sun 03, Jun 2012 08:27am:
my foot bottom lair sometime like burn or crimping sugess me treatment

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