This question was answered on Tue 04, May 2010 11:58pm by Dr Ajit Singh

headaches,feeling weak, tiredness,dizzy,bloating,aching legs, lower back pain

Asked by doctorhelp92 (Female; 18; UNITED KINGDOM; none; Relevant drugs:none ) on Mon 03, May 2010 12:57pm

ive been getting headaches which last all day, feeling weak and tired, dizzy spells, aching legs, lower back pain and bloating i have had these symptoms for three or four weeks ?

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Answer by Dr Ajit Singh  on Tue 04, May 2010 11:58pm:

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Comment by Jennifer Nelson on Wed 30, Mar 2011 09:11pm:
I've had lower back and shoulder pain,been fatigued,Chronic headaches,forgetful,and some abdominal pain sometimes for about 2 months. My appetite is good.But I do seem to get more tired after I eat lunch.I do take multi vitamins a few times a week.What could be wrong. I was diagnosed with Encephalopathy a mild diffuse form 15 years ago. could the symptoms be related? my friend thinks it is diabetes.

Comment by on Wed 04, May 2011 10:29pm:
Extreme tiredness, headache, dizzy spells can be due to anemia,chronic fatigue syndrome,hypothyroidism, disorders of the hypothalamus,psychiatric disorders like depression and sleep-related breathing disorders.

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