This question was answered on Mon 07, Sep 2009 10:30am by Dr.Rohit Agarwal

"Moles" on the penis??

Asked by mighty mel (Male; 33; Nothing signifigant; Relevant drugs:None ) on Mon 07, Sep 2009 09:59am

My husband and I have been together for 4 years. About 2 1/2 to 3 years ago, he developed 2 flesh colored bumps on his penis. They have a rough, cauliflower-y texture. I know this is supposed to be a tell-tale sign of genital warts, but they've never itched or hurt, never changed and have never gone away. Also, the girl that he was with for a year prior to me has been tested with no problems, we've been monogamous, and I've been examined and tested every year with no problems. I've never had any symptoms or issues. A family doctor told us a year ago that these are "moles", but I question this becouse of their rough texture. They are not really causing any problems at all, I'm just concerned about his health (and mine!) Any thoughts?

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Answer by Dr.Rohit Agarwal  on Mon 07, Sep 2009 10:30am:

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Comment by on Thu 10, Mar 2011 11:31pm:
moles on penis is very normal. Many people might have these. But it depends on the nature of mole, If you have mole that is light(or slightly dark coloured) & it isn't popping outwards then it is normal, But if condition is vice-versa & that mole is growing up, becoming hard, itching etc then go & get it checked as this can irritate or start aching during intercourse too.

Comment by on Wed 04, May 2011 10:46pm:
If the mole is having pain then it is advisable to get it checked from a dermatologist and get melanoma ruled out. Melanomas are usually >6 mm in size,with irregular borders ,asymmetrical and dark in color.

Comment by style on Sun 05, Aug 2012 01:32am:
How do i get the moles on pens to go away

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