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Post reticulum surgery- pain in calf and foot
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 08 May 2013 after 3 hours & 38 minutes) - Viewed 1522 times
Two and a half weeks ago I had surgery to repair a damaged reticulum in my ankle. I have been in a splint ever since. About six days ago i started to...   
$ 39.00
Father having issues with Neuropathy and Gastroperesis
Asked by sylvanriv (Answered on 07 May 2013 after 1 hour & 59 minutes) - Viewed 27948 times
My father is a diabetes patient who lives in South Asia. He is looked after by my brother who is a physician (pathologist) there. My father is curr...   
$ 29.00
Unresolved Undiagnosed Random Shoulder AC Joint Pain
Asked by williamsea (Answered on 07 May 2013 after 1 hour & 48 minutes) - Viewed 9386 times
Hello, I'm a 26 year old female and I get these random sharp pains seemingly in the right part of my AC joint in my left shoulder, that come on al...   
$ 49.00
Risk of Contracting Rabies from Dog Lick on Lips
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 07 Apr 2013 after 35 minutes) - Viewed 1359 times
Last Sunday morning at 9am I found my dog in our backyard investigating the remnants of spilled trash an animal had gotten into overnight, presumably ...   
$ 29.00
i need to know the effects if someone consumed 5000 mgs of cardizem er,metoprolo succ er 500 mgs and lisinopril 400 mgs as well as ativan 50 mgs i havea concern about a friend but need to know specific information asap
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 02 Apr 2013 after 37 minutes) - Viewed 1466 times
i need to know the effects if someone consumed 5000 mgs of cardizem er, metoprolo succ er 500 mgs and lisinopril 400 mgs as well as ativan 50 mgs i h...   
$ 39.00
Occasional pain during urination, no other symptoms
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 02 Apr 2013 after 2 hours & 32 minutes) - Viewed 1639 times
For several years now, I have experienced occasional pain during urination. Most of the time, I can urinate normally. But a handful of times a week, ...   
$ 29.00
Paxil during pregnancy
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 26 Mar 2013 after 2 hours & 59 minutes) - Viewed 1152 times
Hi, I am currently taking Paxil for anxiety and panic disorder. I would also like to become pregnant soon. I have tried many other medications in the ...   
$ 39.00
I have used smokeless tobacco and read it can cause pancreatic cancer...howfrequent is that to occur in a user?
Asked by nebguet (Answered on 22 Mar 2013 after 3 hours & 12 minutes) - Viewed 11799 times
I have used smokeless tobacco and read it can cause pancreatic frequent is that to occur in a user?...   
$ 49.00
Late period, feeling very unwell.
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 11 Mar 2013 after 2 hours & 5 minutes) - Viewed 1967 times
My period is two and a half weeks late. For over a week now I have been suffering from nausea and dizziness several times a day, on a few occasions to...   
$ 29.00
severe pain inside scrotum
Asked by khan379 (Answered on 10 Mar 2013 after 1 hour & 24 minutes) - Viewed 12746 times
Hi, I am originally from India but living in US for last 7 years. I got married 8 months back. I have seen 2 family practice, 2 urologist and 1 infec...   
$ 29.00

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