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Hello I am very worried about a cancer risk when having received azathioprineand remicade for crohns disease. After a blood test results showed that I have5.5 percent of gamma delta t cells which is apparantly a lot more than theaverage and may be a sign
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 24 Jan 2014 after 1 hour & 57 minutes) - Viewed 1807 times
Hello I am very worried about a cancer risk when having received azathioprine and remicade for crohns disease. After a blood test results showed that...   
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Hormone therapy after laparoscopic hysteroscopy
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 13 Jan 2014 after 16 hours & 51 minutes) - Viewed 1751 times
I just had a laparoscopic hysteroscopy on Dec. 13, 2013 in order to correct a septum in my uterus (the septum is a thick and made my uterus fully bico...   
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Tingling in feet and fingers.
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 29 Dec 2013 after 4 hours & 44 minutes) - Viewed 1491 times
On a single cold day in army basic training, I began losing feeling in the feet, legs, arms, and hands. The condition was preceded by rapid and stron...   
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Asked by ood (Answered on 02 Dec 2013 after 14 hours & 23 minutes) - Viewed 2687 times
last week i contacted you about my raised psa levels which has resulted luts, almost all the symptoms have gone , the only ones left. are the filling ...   
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Foot/Abductor Spasm/Injury
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 02 Dec 2013 after 4 hours & 23 minutes) - Viewed 1092 times
Hello: One week ago I injured, my left foot when a child who was sitting forward in his chair suddenly sat back and my foot was underneath the chrome...   
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Asked by ood (Answered on 28 Nov 2013 after 10 hours & 20 minutes) - Viewed 2789 times
can raised psa's on their own produce more urine thus cause frequency and nocturia?...   
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Asked by ood (Answered on 28 Nov 2013 after 12 hours & 38 minutes) - Viewed 9682 times
my piles burst in march, blood had gone thin . 3 months later was diagnosed with raised psa levels , i was doing dribbles had pain for 3 weeks, since ...   
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Massive muscle weakness and lack of muscle control
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 27 Nov 2013 after 4 hours & 58 minutes) - Viewed 3532 times
Hello, three weeks ago I was diagnosed with viral bronchitis. Fever lasted 1 week and hasn't returned for the last 2 weeks but I have a very persiste...   
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i have luts which is caused by raised psa levels , at the diagnosis in july atthe time they indicated bph. since then the pain has dissappeared , apart fromtwice yesterday, the frequency was at first every 30 min - hourly,then inoctober it became every 1
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 27 Nov 2013 after 14 hours & 6 minutes) - Viewed 1069 times
i have luts which is caused by raised psa levels ,these were caused by sudden shcok,my piles burst, at the diagnosis in july Atthe time they in...   
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foot pain
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 22 Nov 2013 after 7 hours & 4 minutes) - Viewed 915 times
Hi, I noticed some pain on the TOP my foot around what I think is called the metatarsal head of the toe right next to my big toe yesterday afterno...   
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