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Second opinion for Ringworm diagnosis.
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 25 Jul 2014 after 3 hours & 32 minutes) - Viewed 2112 times
I have 7-8 to itchy, dark, bubbly, and somewhat circular spots on my arms, neck, and torso. They have all started as small pimple looking spots that g...   
$ 39.00
throat bumps
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 06 Jul 2014 after 46 minutes) - Viewed 2035 times
Hi. I am a 28 year old smoker and around 6 weeks ago i had a sore throat for a couple of days. upon checking my throat it was red and i noticed a smal...   
$ 29.00
Upper Gastric IBS and thoracic tension/ breathing trouble
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 06 Jul 2014 after 1 day 4 hours & 55 minutes) - Viewed 2067 times
Hello, I suffer from stress-related upper gastric IBS. I am 4 stones overweight, carry it on my stomach, 52 yo and male. I am affected by mild anx...   
$ 39.00
Heartburn that won't go away after poor change in diet
Asked by wkidfran (Answered on 30 Apr 2014 after 20 minutes) - Viewed 2207 times
I am 33 years old and have never had serious problems with heartburn and usually eat really well - a low-in-fat mostly plant based diet. Once in a whi...   
$ 9.00
Hello - my daughter, age 28, has been on subutex for 1+ years, she has been offfor 15 days and it is still showing up in her urine. Is this possible? If so,how much longer would you expect it to show up?
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 07 Apr 2014 after 1 hour & 54 minutes) - Viewed 1902 times
Hello - my daughter, age 28, has been on subutex for 1+ years, she has been off for 15 days and it is still showing up in her urine. Is this possibl...   
$ 39.00
My girlfriend recently found that she is a carrier of the HPV virus. It is atype that sometimes is linked to cervical cancer, not wart,s but she has nosymptoms. We have used oral sex often to bring her to climax and this is ourpreferred method of doing th
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 25 Mar 2014 after 12 hours & 19 minutes) - Viewed 1877 times
My girlfriend recently found that she is a carrier of the HPV virus. It is a type that sometimes is linked to cervical cancer, not wart,s but she has...   
$ 39.00
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 21 Mar 2014 after 1 hour & 6 minutes) - Viewed 1665 times
my urine is strong yellow/ pale yellow / clear. the urologist said in july last its luts at the start in april last urine was a mucky brown for approx...   
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my psa levels last year were raised , i had all symptoms of uti, enlargedprostate etc as of last test psa levels were normal only symptom left is nocturia, i have another review in june. will my nocturia dissappear over time?
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 20 Mar 2014 after 7 hours & 20 minutes) - Viewed 1795 times
my psa levels last year were raised , i had all symptoms of uti, enlarged prostate etc as of last test psa levels were normal only symptom left is ...   
$ 39.00
Asked by Unregistered (Answered on 12 Feb 2014 after 16 hours & 13 minutes) - Viewed 2086 times
I recently had an ultrasound at 17 weeks it showed I had placenta previa. that same day I did my second set of blood work for AFP they came back 1/63 ...   
$ 49.00
Asked by sksmaw (Answered on 12 Feb 2014 after 22 hours & 14 minutes) - Viewed 2835 times
2 weeks ago I had an ultrasound which showed I had placenta previa that same day I took my second testing for AFP today it came back 1/63 down syndrom...   
$ 9.00

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