This question was answered on Wed 22, Jul 2009 07:20pm by Dr Vinod, MBBS,FcGP

i have a soft tender bulge below my sternum to my belly button when i lay back it really sticks out and i have pain from my middle back wraping around under my ribe cage i have been seen by the er and they say it is a bad back that nerves wrap around my b

Asked by c.a.r.a (Male; 36; ive had lower back operation ) on Sat 09, May 2009 09:13pm

i have a soft tender bulge below my sternum to my belly button when i lay back it really sticks out and i have pain from my middle back wraping around under my ribe cage i have been seen by the er and they say it is a bad back that nerves wrap around my body and make everything hurt is that true

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Answer by Dr Vinod, MBBS,FcGP  on Wed 22, Jul 2009 07:20pm:

Dear c.a.r.a, Bad spine can cause lot of symptoms and for this you can only confirm by an X-ray/MRI. If you have any symptoms of your back you have to visit a neurologist. Also check if the previous surgical site is all fine and continue physiotherapy and take intermittent pain killers for pain. Take care!

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Comment by Bill on Sun 06, Jun 2010 05:09pm:
Hi Folks: What you have there is a hernia. Hernias usually develop in the muscle that protects your abdoman, stomach, and other organs. They usually develop where there is a weakness in the muscular wall such as where there were past surguries. Autoimmune diseases (i.e. Myositis,Lupis, Sjogren's, etc...) that attack muscular tissue can also cause weaknesses in this area that can cause a hernie (tare in muscular wall that protects organs). The hernie is no going to get any better and will expand, especially with weight gain and loss and muscular contraction such as when you are having gas or trouble with #2. Mine has now expanded to the size of a pee wee football just above the naval to the beginning of the sternum, and it stings around the outer perimeter of the football shape and numb in the center. I have Dermatomyositis, Sjogren's, and GERD. My Rheumatologist discovered it during a routine check, and I listened to folks on various forums giving me bad advice on what it is. A hernia can kill you. They all eventually require surgery and the sooner the better, especially when you have diseases that attack your own inflamed muscle tissue. I see the Surgeon on Tuesday. Good Luck

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