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frequent bowel movements after or during urination

Asked by gabriela58blue (Female; 52; UNITED STATES; Splenectomy 8 years ago due to accident. 2 children, both delivered vaginally, no complications. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, high Cholesterol, acid reflux. Quit smoking 4 years ago. Car accident 3 years ago - besides several broken bones also brain injuries - subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhage,no lasting damage. Appendectomy 1 year ago. Started irregular periods last summer - check of thyroid function turned out "border line" - same test result for many years now. ; Relevant drugs:Crestor 5mg, Lamotrigine 300 mg, Clonazepam 1.0 mg, Pantoprazole 40 mg, Zoloft 200 mg. Supplements: Vitamin D3, Multivitamins, garlic pills, CoQ10, Turmeric, baby aspirin, Bayer Heart Health Advantage. ) on Sat 15, Jan 2011 09:29pm
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For the last 10 or 12 weeks I have the following symptom: every time I urinate I also have a (usually small) bowel movement or the urge to move my bowels (after or during urination, never before). I have normal bowel movements as well, but also the frequent combination of urination/defecation. The stool is soft (not too soft, but not hard, either) and is orangeish/brownish in color. For a long time my stool was relatively hard and dark brown and I did not have to strain. No I do. I checked the symptoms online and did not find anything. I know it's normal to urinate after or during a bowel movement, but not the other way around. I can think only of 2 things that have changed: I started taking Vitamin D3 and I'm eating less healthy and gained weight because of that. Thank you in advance, Gabriela

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Answer by Dr Sanjivani Wanjari  on Sat 15, Jan 2011 10:47pm:

HI Gabreila, your problem of defecation along with urination can be looked at with two perspectives. At age of 52 years and approaching menopause there is a possibility of laxity of perineal muscles. In a woman child-birth and atrophy of tissues that takes place with age can cause weakness in the preineal region. This can be aggravated by weight gain and associated health problems like bronchitis etc. Also the possibility of problems of the anal sphincter should be excluded. When the sphincter tone is sub-optimal there can be leakage of stools during light pressure as in urination. This is further aggravated when there is associated intestinal infection or an irritable bowel syndrome. In this situation the loose stools and the increased bowel motility can precipitate the problem. A stool examination and a per-rectal examination by a surgeon will be necessary. Also the laxity of the perineum should be evaluated by a gynaecologist. The presence of cystocele and rectocele should be excluded. Exercise may be started to gain muscle tone. Perineal exercises will be of help. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.

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Comment by Dr Anitha Paderla on Sat 15, Jan 2011 11:49pm:
Hello and Welcome to this forum. Agree with Dr. Wanjari, that anal laxity combined with a loose stools can produce a bowel movement on straining during an act of urination. This is more so because the anal sphincter tends to become more lax while urinating. But it needs to be seen if it is actually a bowel movement or a trickling of bowel content. If this is due to anal incontinence /laxity, check to see if with other measures which tend to increase the abdominal pressure like coughing or sneezing tend to cause a bowel discharge. If this is positive then you may need therapy in the form of exercises and if severe may warrant a corrective surgery. If the bowel movement is a trickling of secretions, then it could indicate a collection in the bowel which is discharged on straining. This collection happens with rectal tumors, inflammatory bowel diseases and sometimes in infections and also in irritable bowel disorders. Your altered bowel habits too are an indication that you may need to be evaluated by your physician. He may run blood, urine and stool tests and may sometimes ask for an ultra sonogram. Proctoscopy and colonoscopy may further help to diagnose the cause. As you wait for the evaluation process, ensure to include organic yogurt with your meals and have a healthy balanced diet. Take Care and Do Keep us Posted. Regards!!

Comment by Susan Alton on Sat 26, Mar 2011 09:54am:
For the last two weeks I have had this same problem. Everytime I urinated I have a small bowel movement.Recently had a colonoscopy and everything was normal. I also experience a feeling of being full and nausea. I have just had a pelvis ultrsound (internal) and am waiting for the results. Do you think these symptoms could all be related?

Comment by David on Sat 21, Jul 2012 06:39am:
Hi I am 73 Years old and have been recently experiencing ,having to have a bowel movement every time i urinate.I do not eat heavy,and am not presently on any medication of any kind,In other words i am completely drug free except for the odd headache medication.

Comment by Jennifer Blake on Sun 03, Feb 2013 10:09pm:
Well I have a bad smell to my urine also I got lose with. My bowels at same time but no blood in it. But get pain around belly button thank you Jennifer

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