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coughing with taste of blood

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 19 ) on Thu 25, Dec 2008 10:14pm

I have a question on whether or not I should go to the doctors. Two days ago I started with a cough and minor pain in my left lung (specifically lower). I do not appear to be wheezing but my cough has been getting more frequent and when I cough I taste blood. There is no actual blood being coughed up. What could this be? Should I be seen by a doctor and if so how urgent is it?

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Answer by Dr Noopur S, MD  on Thu 25, Dec 2008 10:34pm:

Hi, Thanks for writing in. It is possible that you are suffering from chest infection as indicated by your symptoms of cough and chest pain. It will be a good if you can get yourself evaluated by your physician as you may need a course of antibiotics. Are you running temperature also? Do you have a history of smoking? I would suggest you drink plenty of warm fluids, take rest and OTC cough syrup. Let us know if you need more information.
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Comment by Amy Burke on Sat 30, Oct 2010 12:53pm:
I taste it too, but my mom doesn't see anything and it happened all of a sudden. I feel wheezing. What do I do?

Comment by tina watters on Wed 09, Feb 2011 09:59am:
hello i have been ill with a chest infection for 3 weeks and in the last 2 weeks i have been better and went back to work.This week with the damp weather i have been exxperiencing a cough again but this time i have been getting a taste of blood but no flem coming up or blood just the metalic taste after coughing. is this a after effect of a chest infection and pnuemonia.

Comment by on Sat 26, Feb 2011 12:25am:
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Comment by on Mon 30, May 2011 09:59pm:
Coughing with taste of blood can be due to hemoptysis.In 90%cases,the cause is pulmonary in origin.Various possibilities are malignancy of lungs,bronchitis,bronchiectasis,broncholithiasis,pneumonia,tuberculosis lungs,fungal infections etc.Other possibility is of cardiac pathology like AV malformation,mitral stenosis,aortic aneurysm and left ventricular failure.

Comment by jo on Mon 27, Jan 2014 01:43pm:
I also taste blood when I cough. I don't have a bad cough, high temperature or any other symptons, however when I do cough, I get an itch all over my upper back that feels like it's under the skin, sometimes with a dull ache. I am not unwell though!

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