This question was answered on Tue 15, Jul 2008 09:39am by Dr Noopur S, MD

can having anel sex hurt you. can this be bad for your insides. what is the bad side to having anel sex

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 45; very good; Relevant drugs:none ) on Mon 14, Jul 2008 07:35pm

can having anel sex hurt your insides? my husband wants to have anel sex. i have done it with him and i like it but i am worried that in some movies i see the person bleeds after. i wondered if having anel sex can hurt your insides. or can your insides fall out? what is the bad side to having anel sex?

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Answer by Dr Noopur S, MD  on Tue 15, Jul 2008 09:39am:

Hi, The bad side to anal sex is mainly bleeding like you mentioned due to tearing of muscles in that area. Another long term consequence is loss of sphincter control due to constant muscle tearing. Please make sure you practice good hygiene by using adequate amounts of lubricants and keeping the area clean.

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Comment by on Thu 07, Apr 2011 08:35pm:
Anal sex can hurt a female and can irritate the anal lining. Use a water based lubricant while indulging in anal sex.

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