This question was answered on Sat 27, Mar 2010 09:20pm by Dr. Srivastava

bubble on leg

Asked by jdman321 (Male; 21; UNITED STATES ) on Fri 26, Mar 2010 06:16pm

Hi, I have this small bubble roughly the size of a penny that seems to push out of my leg when I put pressure on that leg. It's near the front of my leg, a little to the right and in the middle between my ankle and my knee. There is no discoloring, pain, or discomfort. It is however visible.

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Sat 27, Mar 2010 09:20pm:

Hi, Usually an asymptomatic lump on leg could be a fat accumulation at the site, normally called as lipoma. Although it hardly changes its shape or grow, it will be best to get this evaluated with the help of a skin specialist to understand any possibility of infection or other reasons. Hope this helps.
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Comment by B on Sat 24, Jul 2010 04:43am:
It's not fat and it's not an infection. I think this person has the same thing I do. When the foot is extended in certain ways what seems to be a herniated blood vessel pops out from the muscle. The tibialis can be actively manipulated to make the lump recede, and if palpated (I'm not a med. pro., that's just the best word for this) one can feel a depression beneath the lump. I'm a runner and have had this in both legs, though one predominantly it seems, for over 10 years.

Comment by Robert Kenny on Sat 25, Sep 2010 05:57am:
I had some serious shin splints back in college and the aftermath was the same thing. For the last 12 years, I have these bubbles that pop out on my shin. After exercise they hurt more, and I cannot rollerblade at all as it hurts too much. Sometimes snowboarding they hurt as well. If you move your foot around, they can tuck in Or, if you move your foot and kind of squat they really pop out. Had a doc look at them years ago and said I needed to deal with it.

Comment by David on Thu 14, Jul 2011 01:41pm:
So glad to find these comments on here.. .I have the same thing on my right leg and it really pops out if I do leg presses or calf raises or jog on the treadmill. It feels weird and I worry that something will rupture. I thought maybe it was a problem with the vein or artery. has anyone had a doctor do further evaluations

Comment by Cassie on Mon 09, Jul 2012 09:55am:
I have this same thing. It can be really painful at times. I did have a dr. look at it once and he said there is not much he can do for it. I have found threw the years that if it really starts to hurt, I push on it a bunch of times and it will go back in for a while.

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