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brain and lung cancer - Timescale for life expectancy for Cancer

Asked by Unregistered on Tue 08, Apr 2008 11:20am

my 68 year old mother has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour, further tests have found a deposit on her lung.the symptoms we were worried about, which she has had for around 7 weeks are;loss of use in right hand, loss of use in right leg and slurring of speech. she is currently on the stroke unit whjre she is being given steroids and awaiting a visit from the chest specialist about further tests. our burning question is: is there a timescale for life expectancy for the cancers my mum has?

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Answer by Dr Fernando, MD  on Tue 08, Apr 2008 07:57pm:

Hi. Reading your post, I have the impression that your mother's tumour originated from the lungs, with metastatic spread to the brain, and not vice versa. Tumors originating from the brain itself usually spread to contiguous structures, and do not usually metastasize to distant organs like the lungs. Lung cancer, on the other hand, has a propensity for spreading to the brain. If my hunch is correct and your mother has primary lung cancer, then spread to the brain means that it is at a very advanced stage (stage 4). At this point, any attempts at curing the disease will be very difficult. The most that we can realistically hope for would be to control the spread of the disease, avoid complications and extend her life. Patients with untreated lung cancer live for 8-12 months on the average, but with proper treatment a small number can survive up to five years. Your mother's survival will depend not only on the kind of medication she will receive, but also on how strong or fit her body is at the time of diagnosis. If her body is stronger, she will be able to withstand the rigors of treatment better, and have a later onset of complications from the disease.
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Comment by Amin Chand Sharma on Tue 03, Aug 2010 01:31am:
my 60 year old mother has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour, further tests have found a deposit on her lung.the symptoms we were worried about, which she loss of use in right hand,loss of use in right leg and slurring of speech. she has currently movement in both arm & leg where she is being given steroids & burning question is: is there a timescale for life expectancy for the cancers my mum has? & which types of diet(FOOD) & drinks we serve. She has mouth ulcer appeared. Thanks with warm Regards

Comment by Michael Stannard on Fri 22, Oct 2010 04:59pm:
My father in law is 66 and has been diagonosed with primary lung cancer and secondary brain cancer. He has just had a biopsy and await the results and advice on available and suitable treatment. He currently is on steroids to help reduce the swelling on the tumours in his head. Does this mean he has advance stage 4 cancer. What are his chances of fighting the disease and extending his life. We are very worried and any information would be appreciated. Thanks Michael

Comment by Jane Miles on Tue 28, Dec 2010 04:51am:
Hi I'm sorry to hear about your mother my uncle currently has the same he has brain cancer which has spread from his lungs, 3 weeks ago he lost his feeling on his right side so is bound to his bed he has had some radiotherapy last week but nothing has changed. How is your mother doing can we expect things to get worse? Regards

Comment by Chloe on Fri 04, Feb 2011 06:23am:
My uncle has just found out he has got lung cancer and his lung has collapsed. also he has a tumour on the neck and is currently having radiotherapy, the doctor told us today it has now spread to his brain and bones. Does any one know the life expectancy? Thanks

Comment by on Fri 25, Feb 2011 12:41am:
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Comment by lynn wickett on Wed 27, Jul 2011 03:25pm:
my dad has lung,liver and brain cancer.he was diagnosed after he collapsed with his right leg. They wont treat him,its gone too far and hes 80. Hes about to stop his steroids in 2 wks. How long does he have left?

Comment by dominique on Tue 24, Apr 2012 07:10pm:
my mother got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer an it has spread an now her hand is swollen why could that be ? an how long is her life expectancy ?

Comment by Donna Smith on Sun 28, Apr 2013 10:49am:
Hi my mum has lung cancer that's spread to the brain last year! mum had massive operation as tumour was in the cerebellum and was pushing into the medulla. It was the size of twenty peas and mum nearly died. Since then my mum had radiotherapy and over a month ago we were told her brain cancer is back in two maybe three places now. Mum is on steroids 6mg and has lost the use of her left hand and is so weak and sleepy before the increase of her steroids. Doctor said to me that mum has two months maybe slightly more! that was 5/6 weeks ago and has told mum to stop taking her chemo tablets trasiver (spelling mistake sorry). He wants to see her in June but no tests are to be carried out! My family don't know if we are coming or going as yes my mum has more strength but mum is speaking slurry when waking from a sleep. Also my mum is now having headaches and migraines once a week! then this morning my mum fell and now has bruised all her left side of her body. When is the best time to get my mum into a hospice at the moment there is one carer visit per day and I'm doing all the work which is bad as I have a two year old son to care for too!

Comment by Darlene Nuppnau on Tue 27, May 2014 10:58am:
My niece 52 years old in prior good health was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the base of the brain originating from the lung. The brain tumor was removed. She then had chemotherapy which is finished. The tumor of the brain has not returned per scans. The tumor of the lung which is now being radiated and has been reduced 50% with more radiation to follow. She has not shown up in the lymph system. What is her life expectancy? She is raising her 11 year old grandson and hopes to live to accomplish this.

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