This question was answered on Wed 22, Jul 2009 06:57am by Dr. Srivastava

What is annular fissure of the lower spine?

Asked by meand you (Female; 37; Great health, just the last months have had severe back pain ) on Sat 09, May 2009 11:51am

What is annular fissure of the lower spine? It is between L5 and S1. What are treatment options?

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Wed 22, Jul 2009 06:57am:

Hi, when looking at the spine, you will note that between each vertebra is a block of tissue that resembles a hockey puck which is called annular fissure. This "tissue" is actually a shock absorber that cushions the stress on the spine with bending, twisting, lifting. Certain back pain conditions originate when this fissure tears and irritates spinal nerves.One or a combination of treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT), osteopathic manipulation, anti-inflammatory medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chiropractic treatments, traction, or spinal injections often provide adequate relief of these troubling symptoms. Hope this helps.

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Comment by Nelson on Wed 05, Mar 2014 03:17pm:
whatever MD answered this must have gotten his degree online .... The "hockey puck" tissue is called the annulus. An annular fissure is a tear in that tissue.

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