This question was answered on Wed 30, Sep 2009 10:59pm by Dr. Pankaj Khater

The underside of my tongue looks black. It looks like the veins are very dark. I have only just noticed this and do not know how long it has been like that. I have no other symptoms.

Asked by morrowsandy (Female; 58; I have just recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure 159/99. Other than that I have no problems that I know off.; Relevant drugs:I am on no medications. ) on Mon 28, Sep 2009 06:10pm

The underside of my tongue looks black. It looks like the veins are very dark. I have only just noticed this and do not know how long it has been like that. I have no other symptoms. Should I be concerned?

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Answer by Dr. Pankaj Khater  on Wed 30, Sep 2009 10:59pm:

Hi, If only the underside of your tongue is dark colored and there are no other high pigmentation areas in the mouth / lips, then it shows your good hemoglobin level. It is normal (rather good) and nothing to worry. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
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Comment by on Fri 27, May 2011 10:36pm:
Black veins on underside of tongue are due to lingual veins which drain the tongue. These may appear bluish or blackish.

Comment by Sarina on Thu 26, Jan 2012 12:03am:
I am interested to know how this shows good hemoglobin. I got a black pigmentation on my gums which I thought was from mercury poisoning. Periodically (like now) there are dark black veins under my tongue and black around my eyes (yet again)... I thought it was from Iron overload but the Dr ran tests and said my iron was VERY low... almost to the point of needing a blood transfusion. So if I still have the same symptoms (adding in this new one), how could it mean my hemoglobin is good when I know for a fact that its not? I am not saying you are wrong but I am saying that blood tests often prove otherwise so what is it in that instance? Thanks

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