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Sore leaves hole in my elbow after dead skin protecting it fell off today

Asked by Unregistered (Male; 53; USA ) on Sun 17, Aug 2008 05:25pm

i've had a sore on my elbow for a couple of weeks, now. Surrounding area is tender to touch but not painful otherwise. Today a piece a dead skin covering sore fell off, leaving a hole in my elbow, which i drained of blood, and a small piece of whitish semi-solid looking tissue or something. Initial swelling from two weeks ago has subsided, but the hole remains. What is this?

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Answer by VanessaMD  on Sun 17, Aug 2008 05:42pm:

Hi This sounds like a bacterial skin infection to me. The redness, the tenderness, and the discharge suggest a bacterial infection. Possible diagnosis for your condition is a boil. "A boil is a pus filled infection of the skin. It usually starts as an infection in a hair follicle and spreads in the surrounding area." ( A boil is caused by Staphylococcus aureus which is a skin bacteria.Cuts and wounds on the skin may facilitate invasion of these organisms into the skin causing an infection. I would suggest that you wash the area with warm water and a mild cleanser. Dry the area using a clean cloth. Using a sterile gauze, cover the area. Taking oral antibiotics such as Cloxacillin or Cephalexin may help. Pain relievers may be taken for the swelling and pain. Do not touch or squeeze as this may only aggravate the condition. Inform your physician before taking any medications.
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Comment by nice on Thu 30, Dec 2010 12:10am:
my boyfriend and i have had what you described for 14 years now..mine stopped 6 years ago but he gets them constantly, we have found no cure...they are very painful and i was just trying to get online to find him some answers...if anyone knows why he gets them so often (once/twice a month)??

Comment by on Thu 12, May 2011 08:59pm:
Taking dead skin off a cut is called debridement and is usually done under aseptic conditions by a doctor. After debridement a course of antibiotics is often prescribed to prevent any infection.

Comment by Mandi on Wed 26, Oct 2011 10:19pm:
I have a similar problem with my right breast. I have what looks like a pimple, and I can feel a hardness under has been there for 3 years. It doesn become larger and I can pop it like a pimple, and when I do, I get like a hard white tissue, sometimes with root like endings. I can almost feel it "cut off" under my thumb nail like a root of a potato would feel..matter of fact, very similar indeed. Even in looks. It will pop, shed some clear or bloody pussy fluid then skin covers it. The skin around it peels after darkening as if its dead skin...almst like a sunburn will turn darker before the skin peels. It IS painful but mostly from squeezing it. It is very disfiguring to me. I am a woman with very large breasts and recently disagnosed a yr ago with fibercystic breasts, with some deep in the tissue. I have had antibiotics and nothing has changed. WHAT IS THIS and HOW can I stop it? It looks like a giant, 2 holed spider bite right now..

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