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Right leg calf muscle pain

Asked by doctorseeker (Male; 27; Clean; Relevant drugs:None ) on Fri 31, Jul 2009 03:17am

Dear Doctor, I recently have been experiencing pain on my right leg calf around at the right portion of the calf muscle. I got it suddenly when i awoke one morning. i hadn't done any stretching or exercises the days before. All week i was home and the previous day i just had a normal short walk in the city. The pain same suddenly the next day. I don't remember hitting any thing too. It pains when i walk, touch the calf muscles and stand straight idle. The feeling is like some poisonous snake has bitten me. Its kinda burning pain. When i touch the muscle its like a little bumpy muscle. Left leg's calf muscle is smooth. A night before, i woke up due to an excruciating pain and couldn't sleep long. The pain lessens when i sit on a chair or lie in the bed. But now when i get off the bed and stand the leg hurts very bad and now i can see a slight swell near the ankle. So when i stand the calf muscle hurts bad and it starts getting warmer and warmer and the skin color turns reddish. Nerve near the ankle also shows. Its like the blood flow, when i stand, creates the pressure and presses my muscles to cause the pain. When i stretch my leg, sit on the ground with legs straight and point the toes toward my head then it hurts bad but when i unstretch the leg then pain is kinda relieved. So if i just stand still at one place it hurts so i have to walk around to relieve the pain, but the pain while walking is quite less than standing. I am so uncertain as what might be causing this problem and seek a solution to end it. It is so good to find a place or site like this where we can ask questions to a doctor. I really appreciate your good work and am deeply grateful to you for your humanitarian deed. Looking forward to your advice. Thank you very much.

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Answer by Dr. Sandeep  on Fri 31, Jul 2009 06:23am:

Hi there. The problem you are facing is calf muscle cramps causing pain. It is usually short term. There are various causes for it like, sudden, improper stretching of calf muscle, may be due to fatigue, or may be due to over exertion or sometimes cold weather precipitates it. Sometimes varicose veins & cellulites also cause calf muscle pain. Conservative management is successful in most of the cases, like complete bed rest until pain subsides, cold pack or ice cubes application .for reducing the swelling, wearing elastic compression bandages & keeping the leg at a height above heart level. If persistent, I suggest you to take consultation with general surgeon. Hope my advice helpful to you. Take care. For additional information:
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Comment by Shannon on Sun 27, Sep 2009 09:44pm:
About your leg...I know you got an answer from a Doctor, but all the symptoms you describe sound like DVT. You may want to have it checked for that.

Comment by diya on Sat 25, Aug 2012 07:00am:
I had similar symptoms before and it was presumed to be cellulitis! Now my calf hurts again and I haven't done anything strenous at all. This sucks :/

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