Results - Neck ultrasounds show several cervical lymph nodes and CT Scan reveals high to mid level internal jugular chain position

Asked by Unregistered on Wed 19, Mar 2008 04:11pm

2 neck Ultrasounds showed several cervical lymph nodes (2.7 cm by 1 cm) Follow up CT Scan Finding: There is a 6mm node in the right high to mid level internal jugular chain position. The liver contains a 1 cm well circumscribed low density lesion, probably a small hepatic cyst. The left kidney contains a non obstructing 5 mm radiodense calculus and a smal lesion compatible with a 1.5 cm cyst at the mid level anteriorily. The pancreas is within normal limits. The uterus is displaced slightly to the right of the midline and contains a small amount of fluid within its endometrial cavity. There are small abdominal and pelvic nodes under 5mm in size. No evidence on lymphadenopathy. Recent octreoscan revealed mild uptake in the gall bladder area.

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