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Penis constriction in the middle during half erect state between flacid and full erection.

Asked by marcjacobs87 022 ) on Mon 04, May 2009 11:55pm

Hi i recently was masturbating and have been jelqing for a time before that and at times during masturbation, but now i have a penis deformity between flaccid state and full erection my penis gets constricted in the middle and gets little and then it gets swell near the head with veins popping out so its normal near abdomen gets real small constricted and gets swelled at top near head with veins popping out but after full erection is achieved then middle constriction gets back to normal but still the top part of penis is slightly larger but not much it is a very weird feeling masturbating to this in addition when full erection is achieved i ejaculate real quick and dont last as long with not ejaculating with as much vigor as before and what i think is less semen is my penis broke/bruisen or what is wrong with it and should i take alleve and is this permanent. like this for most part penis picture ----__{==} (ie sweeling) its uncomfortable and no pleasure during masturbation, should i stop masturbation and take a break.. btw i was taking zinc supplement bc of masturbation not that i think that has to do with anything thanks a lot and i hope for a quick reply.

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Answer by Dr Noopur S, MD  on Thu 23, Jul 2009 05:18am:

I would suggest you to take a break from masturbation for some time and consult a sexologist if the problem persists. Thanks
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Comment by on Wed 27, Apr 2011 07:26pm:
Popping veins on the middle of the penis can be due to varicose veins of penis or Mondor's disease which is caused by excessive sex or masturbation. Take a break from sex and masturbation for some days and apply warm compresses.

Comment by Praveen on Sat 11, Feb 2012 11:23am:
I get so much pain that ultimately I reduced frequency of masturbation to two times a month at maximum.Yet I get base=normal,head=normal and middle=constricted.I get pain and find arousal difficult.After masturbation,I find swelling in shaft.I have circumcision at birth so I can't tell whether the skin or the penis is swollen. I went to urologist but he says come immediately when u get this.It is not possible bcoz of lesser freq.My physician examined and confirmed abnormalty. Please help.

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