This question was answered on Mon 02, Feb 2009 11:08pm by Dr.Bhumika Aggarwal

Pain under my left breast when I cough or breath really deeply.

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 52; good ) on Sun 01, Feb 2009 03:54am

I am just recovering from the flu. Have had sever coughing for a little over a week. (Non-smoker). Now I have developed extreme pain under my left breast when I cough or breath deeply. I also have pain under my left shoulder blade that feels like a tense sore muscle. Breast tissue is not sore to the touch, no lumps or bumps. Under left arm is not sore to touch. Could I have pulled a muscle due to the sever coughing over the last week? Treatment?

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Answer by Dr.Bhumika Aggarwal  on Mon 02, Feb 2009 11:08pm:

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Comment by Lorna Meikle on Thu 28, Feb 2013 04:31pm:
for nearly 2 weeks now I have a pain, muscular kind,constant on left side under breast. Worse when I cough or sneeeze. One day I could hardly get up from the chair the pain was so bad, Pain killers ease it but it is always there. I thought at first I had been lying funny in bed and strained it, I don't go to Drs unless I am desperate, I keep thinking this will go away, but it's not. Haven't done anything to merit it being a pulled muscle, no coughing etc. flumoxed!! Hope you can help. I am 53.

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