Asked by Unregistered (Female; 39; Healthy - I have a sinus - allergy related - Normal blood pressure. ; Relevant drugs:I am taking vitamin C, Fish oil since yesterday and Sudafed PE and nothing else... ) on Tue 03, Mar 2009 09:06pm

The last 3-4 days, I've been dealing with nausea, major dizziness and I've been very sleepy. A nurse friend of mine told me that a few people had the flu this Feb. 2009 accompanied by dizziness. I started to feel sleepy on last Thurs Feb. 26, Fri the 27th. I was very sleepy by mid day Friday and started to feel a bit dizzy, but I fought it and took vitamin C w/ rose-hips, drank some tea. I thought I had a sinus infection coming in. Saturday - I had bad dizziness while moving in bed during my sleep and early morning I wasn't able to get up until late morning. Needless to say, I rested all day and by night, I felt good! Sunday pretty similar and yesterday, I was less dizzy - I even worked for a few hours, then I felt weak again. Today, the dizziness was the worst of all, the nausea not too bad. I have no cold symptoms, but my ears are a bit itchy. Maybe I had a little fever Sunday - that is all. Can someone tell me pls - if I really have the FLU? I was told it can be Vertigo. Are people really experiencing dizziness with FLU this year? Thx! Ana

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