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My girlfriend has a rash on her leg that won't go away

Asked by Unregistered on Fri 02, May 2008 07:13am

My girlfriend has had this rash on her lower left leg for about 6 months. It is red, itchy, and quite large. about 3 inches in diameter. It is scaly, rough, and thick feeling. It is not warm to the touch, she has no fever. She has tried several creams. She puts hydrogen peroxide on it daily. She usually puts hydrosortizone on it for the itching, and a anti-fungal cream such as ringworm remover on it daily. Ever since the fungal cream started it has been oozing this clear oily fluid CONSTANTLY. She told the doctor about the rash one time over the phone. He didn't see her about it and prescribed a rx cream. It does nothing. She has had the best luck with the hydrocortizone. It will get really healthy looking and soft and then bang, it looks like crap again for no reason. For some reason she shaved it deeply last night hoping to penetrate it with the cream better, but now it looks worse than ever. I am fed up with telling her to leave it alone and see a doctor, so i'm asking for your input. Does she need to go to the dermatologist, or should we tough it out with an over-the-counter treatment? I think it is fungal, but i'm no doctor. -thanks Nathan

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Answer by Dr. Sandeep  on Tue 28, Jul 2009 09:17am:

Hi there. I understand your concern. By your description, the skin lesion most probably would be erythrodermic psoriasis, where clinical features include, chronic, erythmatous, well defined, dry, red, scaly lesions. I mind you it is not a fungal infection but it is a autoimmune disease which usually runs in families. It is triggered by injury & sudden withdrawal of steroids. I advice you to take consultation with dermatologist. Hope my advice is helpful to you. Take care. Please rate my answer (select the stars below, no need to log in.)
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Comment by Pudsmom on Mon 05, Jul 2010 07:03am:
I realize this is a little late, but it may help someone else. I also have the same kind of rash. It's right on the front of my shin and ankle. Itches like crazy, and spreads to the size of a softball. Same symptoms and reactions to various ointments and creams. Same clear oozing or "weeping" after triple antibiotic ointment. Mine is caused by low thyroid, and the staph/strep bacteria that is naturally on your skin. When I forget to take my synthroid meds, the rash comes back. One way to tell is, does it get worse after she eats soy, caffeine, anything with caramel coloring (like cola), chocolate? These things affect your thyroid. My suggestion would be to see a doctor about her thyroid T3/T4 levels. Hope this helps.

Comment by Krista on Sun 15, Aug 2010 05:21am:
This sounds like what I had. It was eczema, and it was caused by a food allergy. No topical cream will fix it; it is an immune system reaction. Your girlfriend needs to find out what she is allergic to. In my case, it was gluten causing the rash. Alternatively, low vitamin D3 can also cause eczema. She can have her D3 levels tested by a blood test. I would suggest doing this because most people are deficient in D3. Do an internet search for eczema and food allergy and eczema and D3, and I think you will be likely to head down the right road to get rid of this lesion. Good luck!

Comment by on Mon 09, May 2011 08:36pm:
If you have a skin rash that wont go away then you should get a KOH examination of the skin scrapings to rule out any fungal infection and a biopsy skin done to confirm the diagnosis. It can be due to chronic skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis but diagnosis can be confirmed after a biopsy skin.

Comment by Lucy Huerta on Sat 16, Aug 2014 06:23am:
I have a rash on the back of both leg that won't go away ... It very itchy all the time I have tryed all kinds of cream and nothing works ...

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