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Multiple Dents in My Head.

Asked by sisilk (Female; 41; AUSTRALIA; I have Arthritis (Knees, Lower Back, Right Hip, Coxes, Neck & most likely elsewhere as well), Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Liver Disease, I Suffer From Chronic Pain on a daily basis, Injured Lower Back, Injured Right Hip, Injured Coxes, Neuropathic Nerve Pain in Right Hip, Lower Back & Down Right Leg, Carpal Tunnel, Over Weight & about 5-7 Dents In My Head (Right Side, Left Side, The Centre Front & Top of Head.; Relevant drugs:Endep 100mg, Tramal 100mg, Minax 50mg, Naproxen 1000mg, Oxazepam 30mg & I have just started on Lyrica 75mg (Nerve Pain) ) on Fri 08, Apr 2011 09:11am
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One day I just happen to be rubbing my head and came across a dent in my head. Over the last couple of years I have had more dents appear and now the only place that I don't have dent is the back of my head. They are sore to touch and pressing on them is also painful. I have not experienced Headaches as such, but I do get tight and achy across the forehead. I have about 5-7 dents altogether now & and my doctor couldn't care less about his patients and is not helpful at all. I don't believe they are natural and I need a Real Doctor's opinion, and hopefully an answer to this problem, or at least some suggestions as to what to about them. I would appreciate all the info I can get about problem, thank you. Simone

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Answer by Dr Sheetal Kaul  on Fri 08, Apr 2011 10:28am:

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Comment by Dr Smita Sarwan on Fri 08, Apr 2011 07:02pm:
Hi, Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. The dents in the skull are not usual findings especially if it is seen in most of the areas in skull. There are many causes as explained above of it. Some other possibility of dents can be there in some individuals when the bone fails to ossify in childhood due to nutritional deficiency. Nutritional deficiency of vitamin D and calcium cal cause disorders of mineralization of bones as a result the bone becomes very fragile and may have indents with small injuries. Well in your case as Dr. Sheetal has mentioned about as well that you have both bones and liver problems so there is a possibility of such rare incidents. There can be small pathological fractures even due to it. These pathological fractures can occur even without actual injury due to weak bones. You should immediately consult an expert and examined as early as possible. Test like X-ray of skull is very useful. If you have pain you can take some pain pills as well. You should look for symptoms like vomiting, headache, dizziness etc and when you have this you should immediately consult your doctor. Hope it helps. Take care and keep posting.

Comment by ann on Tue 27, Aug 2013 06:31pm:
I get dents in my head also, but mine come and go..I can have two or three at a time, my doctor sent me for a skull xray, but it showed nothing, I don't think it is the skull I think is the skin above the skull..anyone have the same thing and if so what did you find out, thanks Ann

Comment by Brittany rey on Mon 04, Nov 2013 10:32pm:
I have several my head. One feels like pressure on the lower part of my head. The others never bother me but seem to make my scalp itch, alot!!!! I've read alot of things on google and it seems common alot of people are writing about why they hv it. Most say its due to lack of calcium and diet.

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