This question was answered on Fri 01, Jan 2010 11:30am by Dr Bhupinder K, MD

I have these brown spots all around my neck and all around my body also,and Ican't get them to go away. Do you have any idea what they are and how to makethem go away?

Asked by stone17 (Female; 17 ) on Thu 31, Dec 2009 01:19am

I have these brown spots all around my neck and all around my body also,and I can't get them to go away. Do you have any idea what they are and how to make them go away?

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Answer by Dr Bhupinder K, MD  on Fri 01, Jan 2010 11:30am:

Hello, Without examination it is very difficult to confirm a diagnosis, but it can be solar keratosis(small rough or scaly areas of skin due to damage from sun exposure), Dermatosis papulosa nigra(firm, smooth, raised, dark brown to black bumps occur on the face and upper trunk; usually runs in families) , seborrheis keratosis(small lumps due to a thickening of an area of the top skin layer) , syringoma(bumps caused due to overgrowth of cells), acanthosis nigricans, seborrheic keratosis, solar lentigo or tinea versicolor. I sincerely advise you consult a dermatologist and get the diagnosis confirmed. Mode of treatment for all is entirely different. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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Comment by mandy on Mon 25, Oct 2010 01:20am:
ok i have these like blotches there prob like dark brown on my neck no its not dirt its kinna rough when i touch it not itchy im like a stick really skinny had a blood test said im normal please tell me what u think it could be i hope its not anything to serous some times it coes and goes sometimes cant see it much some times really well thanks

Comment by rusi on Mon 22, Nov 2010 08:55pm:
I have brown patches all over my neck, on the body some are red and then getting darker. They are not itchy, but I still want to get rid of them with diet. Do you know one?

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