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I have fever since past 20 days, which is of moderate grade 100-102, and usually comes in the evening 6 -8 PM is the peak time and then it reduces to 99-100 and continues throughout the day. Nothing was found in any of blood tests, the CBC was normal, wid

Asked by ram_shabd (Male; 31; had fever around 2.5 month back and treated for malaria, the medicines stopped the fever but caused some liver infraction, SGC OT and SGC PT were 97 and 48 (ref range 48, 46). After treatment it was reduced to 31 and 38.; Relevant drugs:Taken medicines for malaria, typhoid, resistant typhoid and malaria, normal viral fever. No sympthoms of throat pain or cold and cough so didn't thought of flu. ) on Wed 30, Sep 2009 05:17pm

I have fever since past 20 days, which is of moderate grade 100-102, and usually comes in the evening 6 -8 PM is the peak time and then it reduces to 99-100 and continues throughout the day. Nothing was found in any of blood tests, the CBC was normal, widal test, malaria test were negative. Lever function test was OK, Chest X ray and Abdominal ultrasound does not have any significant findings. I have taken treatment for malaria, typhoid, and viral fever. Even I was admitted to hospital for 9 days for treatment of any resistant kind of typhoid or malaria. But no results till now, fever still persists. I do not have any other problem. The doctor has done a TB IGG and TB IGM tests the TB IGM test was negative and was 0.35 and TB IGG test was positive i.e. 620 Yes one thing I noticed there is a muscle lump on my penis which appeared around a month back, which is of size 1 cm. It does not have any pain and doesn't creates any problem in creating sexual relation. Can you please help me what should I do now, or what can be the cause of fever.Can the lump on my penis be any how related to this fever.

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Answer by Dr Smita Sarwan  on Mon 21, Feb 2011 10:29pm:

Hi, The lump in penis could be causing it if t is sexually transmitted disease (STD) symptom. You can have such lumps in syphilis, genital wart etc. You must get screened for the same. You can also do biopsy of the lump for better answer and diagnosis. You should consult a dermatologist or genitourologist for its examination and proper diagnosis. Hope it helps. Take care and keep posting.

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Comment by on Mon 04, Apr 2011 09:23pm:
Fever since 16 days can be due to bacterial or viral infections . It is important to rule out serious causes of fever like urinary tract infections, meningitis, pneumonia, typhoid and malaria.

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