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Hard lump on leg after a fall

Asked by botheredandbewildered (Female; 81; CANADA; Type 2 Diabetes--I take pills.; Relevant drugs:Metmorfin ) on Sun 28, Feb 2010 08:00am

Three weeks ago I fell down five stairs, head first. Only my right side was hurt. Right away my leg swelled up a lot, just above my ankle. I applied an ice pack, and the swelling reduced right away down to a lump. Next day I went to my Doctor, and she ordered X-rays of my ribs (since that was the area hurting the most, especially when I breathed and coughed) and my thumb, which was black and blue. The X-rays showed no fractures or breaks. I showed her my leg and she said it was obviously not broken, so did not have it X-rayed. I went back to the Doctor a few days ago concerned about the lump on my leg. It is now very hard and inflamed. She told me that was blood and the lump would be there for the rest of my life. As I type this, I can feel "throbbing" in the lump. I should mention that I was on anti-inflamatory pills, Arthrotec, but I kept getting abdominal pains and diarhea. On reading about side effects of Arthrotec on the Internet, I stopped taking the pills since my symptoms were described. There were also warnings about them causing strokes, and should not be given to elderly patients, or patients already on Entrophen. I take the following pills on a regular basis: Synthroid, Ezetrol 10mg, Lipitor 10mg, Omeprazole 40mg, Ramipril 10mg, Diltiazem HCI 180mg, Entrophen 325 mg.

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Answer by Dr. Srivastava  on Sat 18, Dec 2010 08:30pm:

Hi, Pain, swelling at the joint or part of the leg, tenderness and difficulty in walking are the parameters used to assess the type and severity of injury incurred to the joint. Twisting of ankle can result in fracture of the bone, sprain of the ankle ligaments or strain of the muscle tendons. Fracture which is a crack in the bone, almost always presents with swelling at the site of injury with excessive pain with and without movement. It is diagnosed with the help of X-ray of the bone/joint. If no fracture is seen on an X-ray, then the most probable diagnoses are sprain and strain. I hope it helps.
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Comment by on Tue 10, May 2011 08:47pm:
Lump on leg after fall can be due to hematoma formation, dislocation or a fracture of the bone. You need to get an x-ray done to rule out any fracture.

Comment by on Sat 21, May 2011 05:40am:
This can be due to collection of blood underneath the skin causing a hematoma formation. Apply warm compresses and take anti inflammatory pain killers to decrease the swelling.

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