This question was answered on Thu 08, Apr 2010 10:28am by Dr.Kokil Mathur

Hard Bony Lump on throat wall

Asked by ryanntexas (Male; 35; UNITED STATES; Healthy no chronic issues ) on Thu 08, Apr 2010 08:37am

Hi, I am a 35 year old healthy male who has had an intermittent scratchy throat the past few months. I?ve had scratchy throats before and I believe most of them are due to breathing in cold air through my mouth when I sleep at night since my throat feels more irritated when I wake up and opposed to later in the day. With that said, I have paid closer attention to my throat/mouth lately and have noticed what appears to be a hard lump on the posterior oropharyngeal wall behind my uvula. The lump is less spherical and more elongated and VERY hard like a bone. It?s the same color as the rest of the throat wall. It?s almost looks like a bone or vertebrae is partly protruding out. The lump is approximately 3/4 of an inch long and 1/2 inch wide maybe bigger. Its larger at the top then gets skinner towards the bottom. I think it?s been there a while and its not painful. I really never paid attention to it before until I started poking around in my throat. Also want to add the following: I have been a light (social) smoker the past 18 years and a moderate (social) drinker the past 15 years. Also I seem to have had minor sinus and allergies related issues in the past several months (self diagnosed) Over all I don?t feel bad and the scratchy throat, allergies, sinus issues aren?t too much of a bother over all. Should I be concerned about this hard bony lump on my throat wall or is it possible its normal anatomy for me? Thanks, Ryan

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Answer by Dr.Kokil Mathur  on Thu 08, Apr 2010 10:28am:

Hi! Thanks for your question on this forum. Yes, as you said, a bony lump like feeling can be a normal anatomical variation. Normally in this position at the back of the throat one can find masses like cyst, ganglion or cancers. Only cancer can present as an irregular hard lump. Also it is possible that there is no lump and what you feel is a normal posterior wall of throat. Repeated irritation as in post nasal drip, allergies, recurrent sinusitis, GERD can also cause hardening of the posterior pharyngeal wall. You have this problem hence this is the most likely diagnosis. Please consult an ENT specialist who can examine the back of throat with a scope and give a more confirmed diagnosis. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Comment by Dr Rowena S, MD on Thu 08, Apr 2010 06:32pm:
Hi, Welcome to the forum! I agree with Dr Kokil that this could be physiologic or normal and it could also be GERD-related. In addition to this, a variety of growths may occur in the mouth and throat. These could be benign growths, precancerous lesions, and cancerous growths that can originate in any type of tissue such as the bone, muscle, and nerve. It could be a lumps, wart, bony growth, or cyst. Definite diagnosis is direct evaluation by your ENT doctor using endoscopy. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted. Warm regards.

Comment by Telessia Jones on Sat 27, Nov 2010 12:02pm:
I have had 2 surgeries on the right side of my throat for cysts. I now have a large one on the left side of my throat which is sore and I have trouble swallowing. Should I have this one removed also. Because they thought the other one was cancer until they took it out.

Comment by Dr Kokil Mathur on Sat 27, Nov 2010 04:12pm:
Hi! Cancer is not the only reason why a swelling or lump is removed. Since the lump is causing difficulty is swallowing, it needs to be removed. Discuss with the surgeon who did the previous surgeries. You can even consult a new surgeon. Take care!

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