This question was answered on Tue 23, Feb 2010 06:34pm by Dr Rowena S, MD

Dear doctor I have a blood pressure of 103/64 and a heart rate of 100. Is thisnormal?

Asked by panther09 (Female; 26; UNITED STATES ) on Mon 22, Feb 2010 06:06pm

Dear doctor I have a blood pressure of 103/64 and a heart rate of 100. Is this normal?

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Answer by Dr Rowena S, MD  on Tue 23, Feb 2010 06:34pm:

Hi, How are you? Normal blood pressure is considered below 120/80 while heart rate is 60-100 beats per minute. In your case, your vital signs are fine. Try to take different readings for a more reliable reading. Take care and best regards.
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Comment by Teresa on Wed 01, Dec 2010 03:48pm:
My diagnosis is unclear or troubling as there was a lot of trouble getting to it, and the final diagnosis was very quick with limited tests. 4 doctors, 2 diagnosed mitral valve prolapse, 1 diagnosed COPD, but normal oxygen tests, last doctor diagnosed atrial tachycardia. I cannot walk without dizziness, stomach pains to nausea, both upper arms and shoulders have a bit of pain and numbness feeling sometimes, chest pain but not all the time and goes away after 5 to 10 minutes. Not sure it isn't something else. I have a really hard time sleeping without something jolting my heart and waking me with severe hot flashing, causing insomnia. The following are blood pressure/pulse tests taken randomly throughout the past two weeks. Does this look like Atrial Tachycardia or possibly anything else? Thank you. 130/76 55 Just now, laying down 113/70 82 sitting up 3 minutes after dozing test 81/49 77 1 min after just relaxed enough to begin dozing woken by a tumbling then pounding heart/happens nightly or every time falling asleep causing waking and insomnia 117/75 124 standing 114/83 120 Standing 104/67 64 laying down 90/61 127 sitting 96/61 134 sitting 93/65 146 sitting to getting up/walk across room-stand to check blood pressure/pulse 91/66 134 sitting to getting up/walk across room-stand to check blood pressure/pulse 105/70 79 laying down 101/65 65 laying down 103/64 72 laying down 90/67 146 sitting to standing 121/79 103 sitting

Comment by Teresa on Wed 01, Dec 2010 04:23pm:
Just after leaving my post here, I found the following page while continuing my search. http://www.healthy-holistic-l Re: Neurally Mediated Hypotension (NMH) This is pretty much exactly what I have been experiencing. I didn't think that my migraines (after black spotting moving/dizzying unfocused visual) and occasional numbness in finger tips (not at the same time as shoulders and lasting much longer) would be associated, but maybe they are. I also have occasional blurry vision, and heavy overgrown/stretched eyelids from holding/rubbing. I get flickers of light like strobe lights whether in the dark or daylight.... I also get whiteouts. I have only heard of blackouts so I didn't think much of it, but apparently there is such a thing.

Comment by Dr Rowena S, MD on Mon 06, Dec 2010 07:44pm:
Hi, How are you? Your blood pressure readings are fine and some of the pulse readings are not with normal. However, the link you provided have sound advise on how to manage vasovagal reflex. Healthy lifestyle and stress reduction indeed are highly recommended. Hemiplegic migraines, one variant of migraine, may also present with numbness and you may also need to have this checked. Take care and do keep us posted.

Comment by Carolin on Mon 18, Jul 2011 05:03am:
I have 103/64 blood...thing im not english im german so i cant know this word. Well i dont know .... is it too low? Can som1 write me an e-mail with an anwer, i can understand?

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